Elf for President

Lincoln Elf on the Shelf via lilblueboo.com

“With malice towards none, with charity for all…..”

Maybe the elf isn’t so bad…..

A few more photos….and I’m thinking I may need to retire him….I don’t want to be associated with Elf on the Shelf my whole life.

The really sad part? I’m hoping Boo doesn’t remember about the Elf this year!

Maybe I’ll do one more installment…..any special requests?


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Are You Elf Enough?

Are You Elf Enough?  via lilblueboo.com

I’m feeling a little bit of pressure to top last years Elf on the Shelf series…..so I thought I’d start a little early. I don’t really do the Elf for Boo…..I usually just bring him out while she’s at school.  She’d be traumatized if she knew what he was really up to.  I’m going to start out with just a few today. Enjoy! [Read more…]

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