DIY Princess Peg Dolls (A Tutorial and Download)

DIY princess peg dolls with free download via


Inspired by Stephanie Corfee’s “Pile o’ Princesses” artwork, I wanted to make a “box o’ princesses” and fill it with Disney inspired hand painted dolls:


Stephanie designed this adorable printable backdrop for the box o’ princesses that you can print out onto cardstock and include in the box. It folds accordion style and stands up as its own. It can be custom colored with crayons and markers!


How to make princess peg dolls (free download) via

Click the image below and a new window will open up to download Stephanie’s box o’ princesses illustration:

Box o princesses DIY project with free download via

I purchased a 4″ x 4″ paper mache box at the craft store to hold all the princesses and the background:


DIY Princess and Super Hero Peg Doll Valentines via

The printable by Stephanie also includes the “box o’ princesses” label to print out for the top of the box plus a wishing well and a flower wagon:


DIY Princess Peg Dolls and Super Hero Peg Dolls Valentines or Gifts via

Here’s how I made the dolls:

First, I purchased these ready-carved little wood dolls from the craft store:



I also purchased little round wood beads for hair buns and hot glue especially made for wood crafts:



I use simple 99 cent acrylic craft paints:




To make sure I would get all the princesses right, I pulled up a photo on the computer as reference:



I used a pencil to sketch a few simple outlines….you can add as much or as little detail as you like:



Painting the princesses takes a little patience because each layer should dry before you paint another color:



How to paint DIY princess peg dolls via


The key to painting details is to have some very small brushes. I love Golden Liquid Acrylics for details because they flow very smoothly:



I worked on several princesses at once:



Make handpainted princess peg dolls via

To make the hair buns on a few princesses I used pliers to hold a wood bead in place (a rubber bracelet is the perfect padding so the wood isn’t scratched) and drilled a hole halfway through:


I drilled holes into the heads of the princesses too:


I cut a toothpick into small pieces:

I put a small dab of hot glue (or you can use wood glue) into the hole to hold the toothpick on one side:



Then I added the wood bead:




I added a little bit of bling to a few princesses with some rhinestones and glue:



I printed out Stephanie’s printable:




A little spray adhesive is perfect for adding the “box o’ princesses” label to the box:


I carefully cut out the backdrop and folded it accordion style:


The box and the backdrop can be custom colored if you like with markers or sharpies before you give the gift:


I cut out the wishing well and flower wagon and added some little paper triangles so they would stand up on their own:



Everything fits nice and neat into a 4″ x 4″ box:


Box o princesses DIY project with free download via



Aren’t they cute! You can make your princesses look however you want! Simple or extravagant:


DIY princess peg people with free download via


A great handmade gift for the holidays that will be treasured forever. The background can be customized with color by the recipient of the gift. I would have colored it but it has to go under the tree for Christmas for Boo first!  She can color it in on Christmas day.


Make sure to check out the BOY version!



Boyville DIY project with free download via




  1. says

    This is awesome. I love to paint peg dolls (have a project going at the moment actually), but I love the way you have re-invented it by adding the color-your-own backdrop in a box with label. It really just puts the idea over the top. I love it! As I said to your friend Stephanie, so many fun ways to think about applying this idea. Aliens and astronauts with space backdrop. Family with house! Pirates with pirate ship. I just love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Cathy says

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so adorable and such an awesome keepsake! I want to make one for my daughter and my best friend’s daughter. Thanks so much for sharing!! You did an amazing job on painting them – I hope mind turn out as great as yours!! thank you!

  3. says

    These are amazing and so awesome!!!! Can’t wait until my little one is a bit older so I can try this too! Thanks for the idea and inspiration.

  4. says

    This is the CUTEST thing ever!! I am so excited to make this for my daughter (3 1/2) for Christmas! I don’t know how you do it…I hope you are taking it easy and healing. I know, easier said than done (I am recovering from having my right philopian tube removed due to an ectopic pregnancy). I know you have NO idea who I am, but I just want you to know that I include you & your family in my prayers. I really do admire you. Hugs to you, super mommy 😉

  5. Marshall says

    That is absolutely brilliant! This is a must do project. My daughter thanks you ahead of time. She’s going to go nuts when she sees them.

  6. says

    Seriously… one of the cutest things EVER! I cannot wait for the boy version… my son will be all over something like this! : )

  7. Tera says

    Love, love, love…..I am making it for my 18 year old princess….she is going to love it. : ) Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to the boy version for my little knights.

  8. Micah says

    Oh my goodness!!!! TOO CUTE!!! I’m making at least 3 sets of these!!! Can’t wait!!!! Keep the handmade Christmas ideas coming!!!

  9. Mel says

    You two… both just amaze me. (And yes…I am easily amused…..BUT….don’t let that take away from my compliment!) hahahaa

  10. says

    Trying to make as many gifts as I can this year, and this one will definitely be a hit! My daughter Lola is going to LOVE being able to color the backdrops too! Thanks for all your great ideas! I can’t wait to see the boy version…any hints???

  11. Shelly says

    Wow Ashley…those are really adorable! I think too if someone isn’t confident in their painting skills they could also use Sharpies…..(I’d wear plastic gloves though!)

  12. says

    This would be so great to make a nativity box too. (Hint. Hint). If YOU do it first and show us how, we would be forever grateful!!! (A great project for Thanksgiving afternoon with the little ones.) Thanks! Lori Lucas

  13. Vivian Burnette says

    Hiya Ashley! Love love love this! I will be doing this for my niece and my daughter! What size drill bit did you use?

  14. Louisa says

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS and I will definitely be making some, am hoping somewhere in Australia stocks these little wooden dolls :)

  15. Autumn Ogletree says

    LOVE THEM! Can’t wait to find time to make them and looking forward to the boys version.((((( Hugs))))

  16. says

    These are too cute! I will definitely be making a set for my 4 year old daughter. These little princesses will make the perfect stocking stuffer…thanks for the great idea!

  17. says

    i LOVE these. wow. i totally want to make some. i need a little girl!
    thanks for sharing!
    {love} lauryn @

  18. Megha says

    First of all, I am so glad u r getting better!! And secondly, I loved your box of princesses!!

    I love disney princesses and I think your take on them is extremely cute!

  19. says

    I love it!!!! it’s really adorable!! You’re an artist really!!!!
    Thank you for telling us your story. I’m ill and when i’m reading your posts and see all the positive emotions and happy vibes you give, it give my day a sunshine!!! thank you very mutch for it! ( sorry for all the mistakes, i’m french and i’m not really good in other language)

  20. RobyGiup says

    This is a perfect gift idea for girls! But maybe I should wait until the daughters of my friends grow a bit more, they are just 2 years old and I fear it is too early for this gift (or maybe not?! I don’t know…)

    Happy to hear that your chemo is working the right way!!!!! 😀


  21. Michelle M. says

    This might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! The background by Stefanie is the finishing touch!

  22. says

    So lovingly made! I clicked through to Stephanie’s Etsy page and love her prints, especially “soar” and the others in that series. I can’t wait to try making something like this for my daughter. I’m thinking maybe making them like the American Girl characters. :)

  23. says

    My, these are adorable! I know two little girls who will be receiving these for their birthdays in the New Year. I foretell hours of fun for all concerned. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  24. Nicole L. says

    That is seriously the cutest thing! I love it and want to make one right now to send to my friend in Dubai!

  25. Sabina says

    Hi !
    lol, it cracked me up to read a rather sinister “I drilled holes into the heads of the princesses” on such a sweet girly project. Thanks Ashley, for all the smiles, inspiration and goodness you bring into my life. This project is such a great idea, and SO well executed, great teamwork too! Would love to know more about how u collaborated on this, how the idea grew into reality, and so on. Rock on girl, XOXO

  26. Valerie says

    This is adorable! I think it would be a great stocking stuffer for my almost 3-year-old. I also have an almost 6-year-old son, so I can’t wait to see what your boy version is!! Hurry, hurry! : )

  27. says

    I wish I had the patience (and the talent) to do this, because those little dolls are adorable! And I have just the little girl over here who would love them too. So cute and creative!

  28. Meredith says

    i LOVE this! Thank you so much for the idea! I just bought a thrifted doll house today and was telling my husband I needed to find/make some little princess dolls to go in it. Now I know just what to do. My girls will love it (hopefully)!!

  29. Kristi says

    So, I went out to Michael’s and ACMoore today and neither one of them had girl peg dolls. Only Man and Boy ones. Michael’s didn’t even have a place for them, where they may be missing. I got the “man” ones hoping that they would work, but now that i am looking at them against the picture I am not so sure. Anybody have any ideas, or think that if I just paint them as girls they will look fine?

    • Meredith says

      I had to buy the “man” ones as well. I painted them, and while not quite like the ones shown here, I’m happy with them.

  30. emily says

    i love these! but i can’t open the link to the printable?? anyone else have that problem?? thank you : )

  31. AMY MILLER says

    SOOOOOO…. I have been thinking and wishing and hoping and praying about you and this post specifically for the last week or so. I cannot find these wooden dolls anywhere! Do you know where I could order them? LOVE that I can make something so cute, so homemade, so not expensive- but I need the actual dolls to get started.
    Thank you!!!

  32. Jessica says

    I got the supplies, wooohoo! I had a hard time finding them where I live, but when I went to visit a friend this weekend I found them at Michaels! They were marked down to .79 a pack too! How awesome! They had just enough left to make 2 sets for my girls! They are going to LOVE these!!

  33. Gretchen @ b.a.s.h.ful Events says

    this has to be one of the most darling and sweetest wooden doll gift sets i’ve ever seen!! :) really great work! <3

  34. Becky says

    I love this so much! I’m in the process of making them for my daughter right now. I’m also including a handsome prince, a bad witch, and spider man, (just because she loves Spidey)! Thanks so much for the tutorial and the printables!!

  35. KristineKent says

    Hello! WONDERFUL!!! my daughter came over to ask me a question when I first pulled this page up and started freaking out and screaming “mama are we going to make THOSE?!!” She is only three and a half HAHA. Anyways, we went right to the craft store to buy the wood parts.. I got them home last night and I am having a hard time with my paint… it’s soaking into the wood… the colors don’t look as solid as yours. I tried to go back and do another layer, but it still doesn’t look right… Any advice?!

    Thanks so much!

  36. Amber Button says

    I am having the hardest time finding the little game pieces for the princesses/super heroes. I live out in the country so a hobby store isn’t an option. I’ve tried amazon and hobby lobby online but I think I need the brand/model name. Any more information you can give me so I can find these asap?

  37. says

    I just wanted to tell you that I am currently making these for my niece for Christmas!! I am super excited and will post photos when I finish it all, and of course link back to your AMAZING blog!

    I hope you start feeling better soon!

    Merry Christmas and wishing you many blessings in the new year!


  38. says

    I can’t imagine any child that would not be interested, maybe even fascinated, by these great little dolls and props!:)

  39. Nelida says

    Loved it. Not only did i get the princess version I also got the boy’s too! My grandkids are going to love making these!!!! Thanks

  40. says

    i love these!! except our craft store recently discontinued the wooden peg girls!! soo sad! but I have been making a ton of superheros

  41. Dani says

    Amazing! These are so cute, maybe I’ll try doing for my sister. Very nice job. :) Thank you for sharing this.

  42. Jaymie Miller says

    I made these for my niece this last christmas and they were perfect! She loved them! I also free handed a couple princes to go along with the princesses :) Great idea thanks!

  43. Janet says

    These are so cute! They remind me of the original “Little People” by Fisher-Price (not the current plastic chubby ones). I’m going to have to try to make these for my little girl. She’ll love them!

  44. Dalene Kosobucki says

    My little angel saw these and asked me to please make them for her…so we made a trip to the craft store and painted them yesterday morning…she carried them around everywhere all day! They were a big hit with the other girls at her ballet rehearsal too!!! Today, I’m off to buy the boy figures to make her matching princes, per her request. Thank you so much for sharing all your fabulous ideas. You’re incredible spirit, love and creativeness are such an inspiration to all!!! God Bless the LBB family <3

  45. Dani M. says

    Thank you for this awesome tutorial! I just finished four princesses for each of my 3-year-old nieces – Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle. After one niece played with them for a few hours, I do wish I had added a layer of Mod Podge after I finished painting. I’m fixing that before the other niece gets them, so hopefully they’ll stay pretty for longer!

  46. Alex says

    Ashley this is so super cute I cant wait to make this for my girls, u are so talented I love u.

  47. Tiffany LaGrange says

    Thank you so much for this! I made them for my niece for her birthday and her brother insisted on super hero ones! So I made my own set of superhero ones and featured your princesses on my post!

  48. Anna says

    Hope you are doing well, Ashley! We keep you in prayer and are praying for your friend, Jen, as well… Will be checking out your site further to see how you ladies are doing, and this is SO totally minor a thing, but I always forget to ask you… with the little Box o Princess dolls, what do you recommend coating them with once they are painted? I made a set and my 3-year old loves, loves them!!! I just had to re-paint them since they get roughed up in areas and am thinking Mod Podge or something similar would seal them well. Any suggestions? (And, btw, thank you, THANK YOU for keeping me motivated always– even with everything you are going through/have been through. You are a blessing from the Lord!!!)

  49. Nancy Ellsworth says

    I am so excited to find these. I love the princess ones and the boy ones. I don’t have much imagination though. Could you post a pic of the back of all of them. That would help a lot. Thanks again for these.

  50. Janis says

    I think this is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing. This is just SOO lovely. :)


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