DIY iPad/iPhone Gloves (A Tutorial)

DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

Note: these gloves were tested on my hubby’s Android too and work great.

So it’s a little annoying that iPad and iPhones don’t work with gloves on! I did some research around how the iPad/iPhone works and you need the conductive property of the human finger… that sent my investigative nature into overdrive and after a bunch of experiments I came up with something that worked! These would be a fun stocking stuffer or holiday gift!

I bought a $1 pair of gloves…..


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

…..and some metallic thread. I wasn’t sure if metallic thread was actually “metal” but turns out it is!

DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

The metallic thread that worked for me was silver DMC thread. You might have to experiment with a few different kinds but mine was just the basic silver DMC thread that I bought from Michael’s Craft Store:


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

I put the glove on my left hand and stitched rows of stitches on the top of the finger to cover it:

DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

You need two fingers for the majority of iPad and iPhone functions so here’s how they looked when I was finished:


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via


I added a pretty tag and added “Handmade Just For You….iPad/iPhone Gloves”:

DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

Anyone with an iPhone or IPad will be so excited to get them! Now I have to make a pair for Boo so she can play games on my iPhone when we are out and about!


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via


I don’t always show the ideas that didn’t make the cut……but these are kind of funny. I seriously felt like Mr. (or Mrs.) Wizard…..remember that show? I knew I needed some kind of conductive material so I tried everything that I thought might have conductive metallic properties. All of these failed the test:


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

My initial idea was to paint the end of the gloves with some type of metallic paint so it would soak through to the other side….I could make my own paint mixture with metallic powder and it would do the trick. My friend Walker educated me on aluminum powder and gave me the idea to make my own. I filed aluminum off the end of a level and mixed it with fabric glue to apply to the end of the gloves. IT WORKED! BUT…..the aluminum filings were too scratchy and I was afraid they would scratch the iPad/iPhone surface. Aluminum powder would be perfect but it’s too expensive to make this a budget project (unless you are making a few hundred pairs of gloves!)


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via

These worked too! Aluminum eyelets! The only problem with this one was I was afraid they would get too cold on the end of the gloves. But if you don’t sew at all….this is an easy alternative option. Just make sure to add glue or fray check so your gloves don’t unravel.


DIY iPad / iPhone Gloves DIY Tutorial via


So the metallic thread was the best solution!  Enjoy!


  1. says

    Ahh! I needed these last week. I was raking leaves outside, and it was chilly so I had gloves on, and I was listening to my ipod. I had to take my gloves off each time I wanted to do something, and it was super annoying. Thanks for the idea, I really appreciate it.

  2. Amber Hunter says

    Absolutely Brilliant!!! I know what I’m going to be making for a few people this Christmas, thanks so much Ashley!

  3. says

    I saw some touch screen gloves yesterday for £10. I decided that for the sake of a tenner I could get a cold hand while using my phone. I know, I’m cheap. Anyway, now you’ve revealed the secret I don’t need to get a cold hand, thanks! I feel like I’m cheating the system, beating the money makers at their own game. I can’t wait to stroll down the street in my £2.50 gloves feeling like I’m wearing £10 gloves 😀
    p.s. thanks again xx

  4. RobyGiup says

    It’s amazing to see your attempts!!!
    When I saw the post title I immediately imagined gloves with holes on the fingertips (like the eyelets but even bigger). But your solution will keep the fingers warmer: brilliant! :)

  5. says

    Very cool. I never would have thought to try something like this. Now I want some. :)

    Love the bloopers. You should do a series of bloopers… I would love to see that you have bloopers. I have more bloopers than ‘good results’ when I try things. It’s fun to see what others try and what works/doesn’t.

  6. says

    LOVE THIS!!! And I love that you shared your creative process (or Craft Fails) It’s so fun to see how you came up with the finished product…I think some blogger’s give mis-perceptions of how “easy” ideas are sometimes.
    Just another reason to LOVE you! 😉

  7. Lula says

    This is such a great idea! I made my first pair tonight and they work. I was so excited!
    Thank you!

  8. Becky says

    I was going to make my husband these for Christmas, but he mentioned this morning that it’s so frustrating that he can’t use his iPod w/ gloves, so I whipped these out in 5 min. using some gloves we had and some metallic thread I’d bought on clearance. They work like a charm!

    You are my hero!! :)

  9. Drew says

    Brilliant. I saw a pair of smartphone gloves at the store the other day that had just a simple thread stitching pattern on the necessary fingers. I was intrigued by it but wasn’t sure what made the thread special other than it felt a bit coarse. Now that I see your post, I think metallic thread is exactly what it was. Thank you!

  10. Erika says

    I tried this and can’t get the gloves to work. I have the same tread and tried stitching different sizes and amounts and still nothing.

    Does it not work if you have a screen protector?

    • Ashley says

      Is it an Apple screen protector? It should still work…..we tested it with a bunch of different kinds. It might be the thread. Maybe there are different metallic threads? I would try a different thread.

  11. krista says

    Isotoner makes gloves like this! I bought a pair for $20 on sale. Now I wish I would have seen this earlier. They are like you made. They use metalic thread on the index finger, and also the thumb. Just a suggestion, since I often use my thumb to answer my phone.

  12. Amanda says

    I had no idea how many metallic threads there would be in the embroidery aisle and have no idea if I bought the right thing. I tried to check content on them, but none have metal as an …ingredient…. so, any thoughts for me? There were multiple DMC brand ones. The one on the spool? The one like the other embroidery flosses? Thanks!!

  13. Amanda says

    LOVE THIS! I was so excited to go and try it; but i couldnt remember what metal so I got copper because my husband said that was the best conductor (used in electric wires) but it did not work. It was jewelry essentials stringing 26 gauge copper wire. I tried it so many times and was so frustrated because I asked the girl at micheals about the metallic DMC thread and she had no idea. So when my attempts failed I came back to your post! I have googled the silver DMC threat to make sure I dont make the same mistake twice but could you post a pic of it because it appears there is many variations?

    Thanks again for this amazing idea!

  14. Sarah says

    I’m Sad….I was so excited when I saw this tutorial, rushed out to Michaels and finally found the DMC (light) Silver Thread, and came home and gave it a try. Disapointed that it didn’t work at all. I am determined to find a thread that works!


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