A Valentine’s Printable

A Valentine's Printable Pillow by Stephanie Corfee via lilblueboo.com

I love this cute Valentine’s printable that Stephanie Corfee has added to the shop! I made a few things with it: a door hanger, a Valentine’s tee, and a little pillow to leave love notes in. Using fabric markers it can be custom colored to make it a special gift idea for February 14th!

DIY Color Printable via lilblueboo.com

I printed mine on inkjet fabric which you can put straight through your ink jet printer.  If you have transfer paper laying around you can use that too….just make sure to use the reverse image that Stephanie provides (there are 4 files included: the black and white image, a reversed image, and two patterns)

DIY Coloring Valentine's Printable via lilblueboo.com

You can use any fabric for the backing or print your own using the ones that Stephanie designed. I printed the two designs and cut the red one into a 4″ x 4″ square to add a pocket to the back of my pillow:

How to Make a Pillow with a Pocket via lilblueboo.com

To create the pocket I first finished the edges:

The folded each side in 1/2″ and ironed them flat:

How to a Pocket Step 1 via lilblueboo.com

I stitched the top of the pocket:

How to make a Pocket Step 1 (Topstitching) via lilblueboo.com

I sewed the other three sides of the pocket to the back of the pillow:

How to make a Pocket Pillow (Topstitching) via lilblueboo.com

To create the pillow I pinned the colored front piece to the back/pocket piece (right sides together). Then I sewed the edges shut by sewing slightly inside of the stitch lines on the design and leaving a few inches to turn the piece back right side out:

How to Make a Pillow via lilblueboo.com

Turn the pillow right side out and iron flat:

How to Make a Pillow (LOVE Printable) via lilblueboo.com

I added stuffing and stitched the hole shut:

How to Make a Pillow (Adding Stuffing) via lilblueboo.com


The finished pillow!

A DIY Valentine's Gift Idea via lilblueboo.com


The pocket is perfect for leaving little love notes.  Make it for a mother, grandmother, child or teacher for Valentine’s Day!

A DIY Valentine's Gift Idea: Love Note Pillow via lilblueboo.com


To make the little doorknob pillow I added ribbon before sewing the pillow shut:

Making a Valentine's Door Pillow (adding ribbon) via lilblueboo.com

Make sure to thread the ribbon out the hole that you’ll leave for stuffing!

Making a Valentine's Door Pillow (stitching) via lilblueboo.com

Carefully sew your pillow shut (and ribbon into place):

Turn the pillow right side out and topstitch 1/8th to the edge:

How to Print on Fabric using Ink Jet Printer via lilblueboo.com

Cut the edge of the ribbon and use fabric glue or a quick flame to seal the edges:

DIY Door Hanger via lilblueboo.com


I like it black and white but you can include fabric markers as a gift so it can be a customizable project!

DIY Door Hanger using Printable (for Valentine's Day) via lilblueboo.com


I also made a cute little Valentine’s tee using t-shirt transfer paper  for Boo to color…she’ll be thrilled. Just make sure to use a fabric transfer that can be colored on and ironed like the Dharma Super Soft Transfer Paper:

Coloring a T-shirt for a Gift Idea via lilblueboo.com


They all look so cute together:

Handmade Valentine's Gift IDeas via lilblueboo.com


The door pillow is probably my favorite. Add a little pocket to the back of this one too so you can leave notes at the door!

I colored this pillow myself…..I forgot how much fun coloring is….

Handmade Valentine's Gift Ideas (fabric markers) via lilblueboo.com


What will you make for Valentine’s Day?

DIY Handmade Valentine's Gift Ideas (fabric markers) via lilblueboo.com




Click the image below to get the printable!

Valentine's Day Printables by Stephanie Corfee via lilblueboo.com



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    Adorable, as always!! Yes, I love the door pillow best too! You can leave little notes the whole week of valentines!! I forgot to get my husband a Christmas card (I’ve always given him heck over getting a card with a present!). So, to make up for it, I’ve gotten him a valentine card for every day of valentines week this year!

    ** while I’ve got you here… How about “There’s Only One of Me” 2013 Year at a glance calendar (prinable)I loved using mine all last year!! Thanks!!