How To Make Velcro Ribbon Belts

How to make ribbon velcro belts via lilblueboo.comThese little belts are easy to make and great for kids because of the velcro closure.  Each belt costs about $2.00 in supplies.

I started with 1″ webbing:

DIY webbing belts via


And cute 1″ themed ribbon:

DIY Ribbon Belts via

For guidance, a size 5/6 belt is about 30″ long so you’ll need 30″ of webbing and about 40″ of ribbon:

Ribbon Belt Tutorial via

First sew the ribbon to the webbing.  You’ll want to sew about 6 to 8″ of ribbon back around to the other side for when the belt is folded back over.

How to sew ribbon belt via

You can sew the ribbon all as one piece of just add a separate 8″ section to the back.


If you used a separate piece of ribbon on the back you’ll need to fold over the end about a 1/4″ and sew it shut so that the belt doesn’t unravel:


On the other end, add a D-ring and fold the edge under as shown:

Carefully sew the end shut around the D-ring:

Sewing on a D-ring via


Thread the end of the belt through the D-ring and fit the belt to whoever is wearing it so you will know where to place the velcro:

DIY belt tutorial via

Cut 2 pieces of velcro and sew them onto the belt as shown:


A finished belt to show the velcro placement:

Sewing velcro via

The cuter the ribbon you pick out the cuter the belt!

Easy DIY Belts (ribbon project ideas) via


It’s a great belt for toddlers because they can actually get it on and off by themselves with little effort:

DIY toddler belts with velcro via

For boys or girls and any age….I’d wear one of these:

How to make a ribbon belt via

Happy belt sewing!


  1. Sara says

    Thanks! I was just trying to figure out how to make a belt for my future-plumber-of-a-2-year-old!

  2. Nicole says

    Thanks so much for this! My 2 year old has no butt and her pants are pretty much constantly falling off. Love that it’s so easy to take off and maybe she’ll get so entertained by the Velcro that I’ll be able to do something exciting like go to the bathroom by myself, lol.

  3. Shanna says

    Oh my gosh! I need to make a belt for my 10 year old daughter – her pants are falling off because of a growth spurt. I’ve been looking for belts for her, but everything I’ve found is too big. This tutorial is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing! I love your blog :)

  4. Jaimie Orfanos says

    Thank you for the easy and precise tutorial. I just made my two year old a belt and it is just perfect!!


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