Recording Your Summer Trip Memories (Postal Notebooks)

Are you traveling this summer? Know someone who is taking a big trip? I combed through my journals and put together my favorite ideas into a set of travel prompts with my favorite postal notebooks:

Take these journals with you this summer and fill them with notes and mementos....then mail them back from your destination so you have a postmark from your trip! A great family project to record your memories. Travel Journal Set with Postal Moleskine Notebooks via #theliljournalproject


This is such a fun way to record destinations on a trip: a small 8 page journal that turns into a mailable postal package.  Mail a journal from each of your destinations and when you arrive home you will have your memories recorded with a dated postmark on each one from your destination!  A fun family project….and one that Boo will have as a tradition to carry forward:


Record your summer trip memories in a postal notebook via


You’ll never be without ideas with the set of prompts and examples:

travel journal prompt set via

Before you leave your destination, address it to yourself and drop off at a post office (or ask your hotel to mail it for you!):


Journals you can mail to yourself or others via


The cute little prompts….I’ve assembled each set myself!

travel journal prompt set via #theliljournalproject


Some inspirational travel quotes too:


Pages filled with notes, weather, receipts and tickets:

Moleskine Travel Journal for the family trips via


Refills available too if you plan to visit more than 4 places!

Moleskine Travel Journal Postal Notebooks via

Hope you enjoy the tradition as much as we do!

Take these journals with you this summer and fill them with notes and mementos....then mail them back from your destination so you have a postmark from your trip! A great family project to record your memories. Travel Journal Set with Postal Moleskine Notebooks via #theliljournalproject





For more on organizing and preserving family memories click the image below:

organizing and preserving family memories via


Make sure to check out the Lil Journal Project too!

The Lil Journal Project via

The Lil Journal Project (on Instagram) via #theliljournalprojectThe Lil Journal Project ( via #theliljournalprojectThe Lil Journal Project ( via #theliljournalproject


DIY Suede Bookcovers and Handmade Journals

DIY Suede Covers and handmade journals via #journal #handmade #tutorial #diy #theliljournalproject


April is Earth Month and I’m taking part in Michaels RE-Love Challenge! The challenge was to take old items around our home that are maybe a little worn or have been sitting in the garage and with a little creativity turning them into something I love again….and save it from being thrown out. I had these old suede pants sitting around waiting to be remade into something (the last pair was made into a handbag!)  Since I love little moleskin notebooks I wanted to try and make some of my own….with suede covers.

Upcycled Suede Journals via #journal #handmade #tutorial #diy #theliljournalproject

To make the easy little journals I took 5 sheets of regular 8.5×11″ copy paper and printed out my PDF (see download below) on the printer.  Then I took the 5 sheets and turned them over and reprinted the same file onto the other side:

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The Lil Journal Project | Day 36

Oh my…..I’ve neglected The Lil Journal Project!  Getting back on track here…..I’ll be posting there here and there….it IS an ongoing project until the end of time (at least my time).  It’s never too late to start either! Start from Day 1 or do the days randomly (you can find them day by day and click through to the full post from Pinterest if that’s easier).

The First Grid! The Lil Journal Project Day 36 via

Here is Day 36:

 Lil Journal Project Day 36 via #theliljournalproject #artjournal



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A 5 Year Journal

At the beginning of the school year in September I started a little book for Boo that we keep in the car and every day on the drive home she has to tell me the most interesting thing that happened that day. The second I pull into the driveway I write it down.  It’s been an easy thing to keep up because I keep it in the car and she knows she has to tell me about her day on the way home:

A School Journal (Keep in the Car) via


Just wondering if anyone is keeping it up?

I started one of my own recently….it’s a 5-year-journal. (Despite my OCD on these things it starts on January 10th instead of the 1st….yes I’m making progress)  I keep it on my bathroom counter.  At the end of each day as I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed I have to write down a quick sentence about the day.  So next year, on the 13th of January, I’ll be writing a sentence on the same page.  If I forget a day it’s easy to backfill since it’s only one sentence! You can find them at almost any bookstore……click here for all the ones they have on Amazon.

Don’t worry, this won’t replace The Lil Journal Project. I’ll start that up again soon! My sister has been hounding me about it too…..

5 year journal via #theliljournalproject


I pulled out an old journal from 2000 and 2001 the other day.  Crazy how many things you forget about even in a short amount of time. Boo caught me reading it and begged me to read it to her. It was too juicy to divulge what was in it to a 5-year-old… I kind of ad-libbed (sp?) a quick little story. Funny though that her Kindergarten Gossip is almost just as scandalous……she’ll be able to use it to write her memoirs one day.  Stay tuned for “Memoirs of a Kindergartner” by Boo Hack coming out next year…..

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Yearly Photo Book Ideas

Creative Yearly Photo Book Ideas via


In addition to our yearly family photo albums, I make a photo book for Boo stocked full of memories. I just finished 2011:

How to make a yearly photo book via

My method/thoughts on photo books:

1. I complete the books about 10 months after a year has ended. I like for them to be January 1st through December 31st. It’s an OCD thing. The delay also allows time for missing photos to show up.

2. I compile memories, quotes, etc by going through blog posts, Facebook posts, and even just browsing photos. I usually cut and paste snippets into a word document in order of date.

3. I organize my photos, artwork, etc by month before starting my project. I work on the book by month….sometimes skipping around to the easy months first and then coming back to the hard ones.

4. I never feel bad about going overboard on pages. The bigger the better and I don’t think there is a price I can put on family memories. My books (through iPhoto/ usually cost about $75 to $100 each. It seems like a lot (especially when ordering multiple copies) but I would rather have a photo book over a few trips to a restaurant!

5. I  save the photo book as a PDF (“Print” as a PDF in iPhoto) and back it up to a hard drive or CD and store in a safe place.


Here are a few things I added into this years book:

Boo’s Self Portraits:
Boo asked for a mini tripod a few years ago and she had so much fun taking self portraits. When I would look at the camera I would be surprised by hilarious snapshots she’d taken of herself. I made them into a collage (using and then loaded that collage as one photo into the book template:

Photo book ideas: Self Portraits via

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The Gift of Journaling (DIY Journal Kit and Artwork Download)

The Gift of Journaling (DIY Journal Kit and Artwork Download) via #gift #artjournal


I wanted to do a version of the DIY Art Kit but for a “journal” version so that it could be used for gifts.  My artist friend Stephanie Corfee was so helpful in making the free artwork download for it. She made the large labels and small labels for labeling all the contents! [Read more…]