Boo Style

In the airport a few days ago…..

Hoodies: Evy’s Tree
Dresses: Lil Blue Boo (Swiss Miss)

Boo Style

Her first time on a big girl bike!


Shirt: Lemonade Stand by Vintage Lucy’s
Shorts: Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Payless Boys (and handpainted with graffiti)
Bike: Avigo “Bomber” Boys Bike

The cool part? She never had to use training wheels.  She got a Strider PRE-bike for Christmas and learned to coast and balance. Then the transition to a pedal bike with no training wheels was literally 2 minutes.

Last night we went to pick out her real bike….and the choice was between a pink bike with a baby papoose on the back and this cool bomber bike… that she chose the cool “shark” bike:

My sweeties:

Want to make the graffiti shoes Boo is wearing? Here’s how:

How to Clean Crocs

It’s been a little windy in the desert lately.

Cardigan: Cherokee by Target
Dress & Leggings: Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Bubble Crocs


I don’t think it’s a secret that we have a slight obsession with Crocs. Boo loves them because they are comfortable and they keep her feet cool here in the desert. I love them because Boo can put them on by herself, she never gets any blisters, and they clean up to look perfectly new.


As soon as Boo’s Crocs start to look a little dingy I take a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to them…..and then run them all through our dishwasher!


Crocs that are a year old still look brand new:


Our all time favorite Crocs? The rainboots…..but since it doesn’t rain in the desert we refer to them as “Super Hero” boots:


The Pink-A-Boo Collection

The new limited edition Lil Blue Boo “Pink-A-Boo” mini collection now available in the shop!

Silk screened tank and cropped ruffles


Pink-A-Boo Elephant Ear Sleeve Tunic with Crocheted Trim



The “How Doily You Do” Silk Screened Tank. The silk screen design is a hand drawn lace doily sketch I did recently.


There’s even a pair of matching shorts available.

I love the shorts look with this tunic top… reminds me of a vintage baby doll dress. It’s Boo’s favorite “girly” look too here in the hot desert……here she is helping Daddy with the landscaping:


We are offering a 10% discount if you purchase all 4 pieces (tunic, ruffles, shorts and tank) at the same time!  Discount will be refunded after checkout (sorry for any inconvenience but this is the only way we can keep track of orders by size).




Boo Style

“Please take a picture of me with my new family”

Romper: Lil Blue Boo Blue Label (you can make your own too)
Shoes: Dragonfly Mary Janes by Snanimals

Somehow this “mini cone” didn’t make a “mini mess”……



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Boo Style

Can EVERY day be the “best day ever”?!

Dress: The Green Goat (hand dyed and silk screened)
Leggings: Flashdance by Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Unicorn Crocs

Boo Style

Boo: A “pirate” pose!
Me: It’s picture day at school. Let’s leave that one at home please.


Top: OOAK by Lil Blue Boo
Shorts: Charcoal and White Perfect Short by Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Translucent Bubble Clogs by Crocs
Matching Butterflies on the toes: Happy Nails on El Paseo

Boo Style

A series to highlight Boo’s fashion picks.

“Hello…..I’m Boo.”

Tee: Lil Blue Boo
Skirt: Jona Michelle for Costco
Shoes: Crocs
Guitar: hand-me-down

A Mermaid Tail for a Doll (with Pattern Download)

Boo’s favorite princess is Cinderella…..but Ariel is a close second. Her doll Li’l Sally has a Cinderella dress we made for her but Li’l Sally needed a mermaid outfit too! Here’s how we made the mermaid tail and you can even download the pattern template at the bottom of the post. This is a super simple project…..even if you’ve never sewn before!

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via

Step 1: Download and print out the template and use it to cut out two pieces for the front and the back of the tail:

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via
The template will work for several types of dolls. For skinnier dolls you might need to reduce the width slightly…just check that the doll looks like a reasonable fit:

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via
Step 2: Place your tail pieces right sides together and sew the sides and bottom closed using a 3/8″ seam.

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via

Step 3: Place the tail on the doll and fold the waist down to the correct length (so the top of the tail hits the lower chest):

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via
Step 4: Sew 3/4″ down from the top of the tail, leaving a 1″ gap, wide enough to thread elastic through:

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via
Step 5: Cut a 1/2″ piece of elastic long enough to fit around the doll’s waist….

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via
….and use a safety pin to thread it through the casing:

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via
Sew the elastic closed at the two ends and then sew the casing closed:

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via
Step 6: Stuff the tail with poly fil….

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via
….so it’s nice and plump:

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via

A finished mermaid tail!

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via
We made Li’l Sally a simple bandeau top with a strip of knit fabric and cinched in in the center with another scrap. Boo made the little miniature shell necklace for her:

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via

“I love Li’l Sally as a mermaid! Can we make one for ME now?”

Mermaid tail for doll free diy download via lilblueboo.comMermaid tail for doll free diy download via


Behind the Scenes: Some Favorite Tools

I’m on vacation with my family right now skiing in Colorado but before I left I snapped some behind-the-scenes photos of some favorite things around the Lil Blue Boo studio!

Large rolls of marking paper and pattern paper
The lightweight marking paper is used for drafting new patterns and the heavy manila pattern paper is what I use for final templates. The manila paper is heavier than card stock and is really durable for everyday pattern use.

Recommended tools for pattern making via
Pattern Hooks
All of my pattern templates are hung around the studio for easy access. I can hang about 20 patterns on one hook.

Recommended tools for pattern making via [Read more...]

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