A Vintage Camera Dress (and Photography Fun)

A new summer racerback dress for Boo…..using a illustration of a vintage TLR camera I did a while back.  I made a few more for the shop as well as a limited edition. Boo playing with Lisa’s twin reflex camera:

New! Vintage TLR Camera Applique Dress (limited edition) via lilblueboo.com



See how to convert a TLR camera to use with your digital camera:

Convert a Twins Reflex Camera using a cardboard tube via lilblueboo.com #photography

Check out these fun tutorials for playing with your camera:
10 Awesome Photography Tricks via lilblueboo.com


How to Make a Pinhole Camera (from a Jello Box)

How to make a pinhole camera using a jello box via lilblueboo.com


What is a pinhole camera?

A pinhole camera is basically a light-proof box with a tiny hole in it. The film is exposed by uncovering the hole for a few seconds. (read more at wiki)

I’ve been wanting to make a pinhole camera for a while now with Boo…..to introduce her to film photography.  I’ve shown her the iPhone method and when she was itty bitty I used to let her use my Holga camera with some spoiled Polaroid film I had.  We spent the morning building the camera from scratch so she could see all the working parts.

Make a pinhole camera via lilblueboo.com


It started with a Jello pudding box ( the large size). Here’s how you can make your own:

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Yearly Photo Book Ideas

Creative Yearly Photo Book Ideas via lilblueboo.com


In addition to our yearly family photo albums, I make a photo book for Boo stocked full of memories. I just finished 2011:

How to make a yearly photo book via lilblueboo.com

My method/thoughts on photo books:

1. I complete the books about 10 months after a year has ended. I like for them to be January 1st through December 31st. It’s an OCD thing. The delay also allows time for missing photos to show up.

2. I compile memories, quotes, etc by going through blog posts, Facebook posts, and even just browsing photos. I usually cut and paste snippets into a word document in order of date.

3. I organize my photos, artwork, etc by month before starting my project. I work on the book by month….sometimes skipping around to the easy months first and then coming back to the hard ones.

4. I never feel bad about going overboard on pages. The bigger the better and I don’t think there is a price I can put on family memories. My books (through iPhoto/apple.com) usually cost about $75 to $100 each. It seems like a lot (especially when ordering multiple copies) but I would rather have a photo book over a few trips to a restaurant!

5. I  save the photo book as a PDF (“Print” as a PDF in iPhoto) and back it up to a hard drive or CD and store in a safe place.


Here are a few things I added into this years book:

Boo’s Self Portraits:
Boo asked for a mini tripod a few years ago and she had so much fun taking self portraits. When I would look at the camera I would be surprised by hilarious snapshots she’d taken of herself. I made them into a collage (using PicMonkey.com) and then loaded that collage as one photo into the book template:

Photo book ideas: Self Portraits via lilblueboo.com

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3 Tips for Taking a Beautiful Portrait

Tips for taking beautiful portrait photography #photography by Gayle Vehar for lilblueboo.comPhotographing Beautiful Portraits

Fall is the time when we are taking and having our portraits taken. I just love a beautiful portrait—one that is beautiful to look at and shares something about the person and their personality.

Today I wanted to share 3 simple tips for creating a beautiful portrait that can be used over and over again no matter the season.

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Some of my favorite photos of you choosing joy over the holiday weekend…

choose joy with lilblueboo.com #choosejoy


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Photography for Bloggers and Shop Owners

Photography tips and tricks for bloggers and shop owners! Take better photos of your creations, products, recipes and more! via lilblueboo.com


Whether you need better product shots for your blog or shop, want to show off your latest recipe, or want those “wow” photos of your kids in the outfits you made for your next blog post; this e-book is for you! Learn how to get great photos of your creations within your own home without having to break the bank.
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