A Chalkboard Pig

Remember the piggy bank that Boo picked out a few nights ago for Daddy’s Christmas present?

I convinced her to paint it with chalkboard paint! To paint a ceramic piece like this I recommend using chalkboard spray paint because you will get a smoother finish, but with a toddler that isn’t so easy. We used a small roller and this can of chalkboard paint:

I let Boo do most of the rolling herself:

Every once in a while I could ask her if I could “try painting” and she would let me smooth out some of the large areas for her:

We used a small paint brush to paint in the hard to reach areas and then smoothed them out with a roller:

You will need to do several coats of the chalkboard paint, letting it dry in between.

A little trick I use for rollers so they don’t dry out? Wrap the paint-covered roller in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer! You can even leave it overnight and just take it out and continue painting when you need to:

Here is the finished chalkboard piggy bank…..it’s a little bumpy but I think Boo did a pretty good job!

After the paint has set overnight, you can use chalk to decorate it:

Boo wanted to write her name….

…..and Daddy’s, so he will know whose piggy bank it was when he opens it Christmas morning:

This would be a great gift for any age…..child or adult! So fun to decorate the piggy’s expression:

Or make one for yourself and write what you are saving for on it!

Here are a few other projects I’ve done in the past using chalkboard paint:


  1. mice_aliling says

    This is an awesome idea. I should have done this a year ago before my nephew started using my floor, cabinets and bedsheets as his canvass. But you can never get mad with kids, no?

  2. sneezerville says

    love the piggie. i so need to buy some of that paint. there are some really cool ideas out there using it!

  3. picknstitch says

    Thanks for sharing the "after"! I was in Target the other day and noticed an end cap full of white decorated piggy Banks and thought of your first post, wondering if you had convinced Boo to go with the chalkboard paint. Yes you did and it looks wonderful! It's got my mind thinking about what I could paint around here…
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Kell says

    Hello fabulous little piggie!! It looks pretty darn awesome. My little Peach says she would very much love like to try to make that!

  5. Michelle H. says

    My daughter is going through a “pig” obsession right now….I’m going to try and do this for her birthday coming up….she can decorate her pig with a new design each day….perfecto! Thanks for the idea.