Make a Rustic Crate (A Tutorial)


Make a Rustic Crate (A Tutorial) via

With an easy technique you can transform any new crate into an old rustic looking one!  I made the above one for Boo’s Easter basket this year…..adding her name and a bunny to the side. I bought the below new mini-crate from Michael’s Craft store using my coupon and it was only a few bucks:


Make a Rustic Crate 1 (A Tutorial) via

I used my Silhouette Machine to cut “Sienna” out of vinyl shelf paper to use as a stencil….I also cut out a bunny shapes for the sides.  I placed the stencils on the crate and used black spray paint:


Make a Rustic Crate 2 (A Tutorial) via

The spray painted images:


Make a Rustic Crate 3 (A Tutorial) via


I mixed a solution of white distilled vinegar, steel wool, and tea to apply to the wood. You can see the full tutorial on the process here (the wine barrel lazy susan tutorial) but basically the vinegar reacts with the steel wool and creates an aging effect on the wood. I add the tea to add a bit of “tea stain” to the wood.


Make a Rustic Crate 4 (A Tutorial) via


As it is applied the wood gets a little darker…..but you won’t see the full effect until the wood dries. You can even rub the steel wool on the wood for extra age but I recommend using some gloves.


Make a Rustic Crate 5 (A Tutorial) via

The finished crate!  It will look so cute filled with paper grass and some handmade goodies and treats!


Make a Rustic Crate 6 (A Tutorial) via


  1. Anne says

    cute idea! usually not a fan of the typical Easter basket so this is a cute alternative. pinned it! :o)

  2. Missy says

    Must make a thousand of these :) Absolutely love love love this crate. Ack! How do you think of these ideas???? I can copy but seldom can create an idea from scratch. Oh, to have your mind full of ideas.

    I’m new to my Cameo – I’ve only cut vinyl from it once though I have many dreams for it! Can you tell me what blade setting you used to cut the shelf paper? I’m scared of wrecking my new machine!!!!

    Thanks for the tutorial – adorable!

  3. says

    Whack on it a few times with a hammer or the claw would add some nice “distressing” to the wood.. Love the idea.. coffee also works as a stain.. more of a brown.

  4. says

    I love this!!! I have been racking my brain with ideas for a non-basket easter basket for my boys… This is it! THANK YOU!!

    P.S. I am so happy to hear you are doing so well, I read your blog every day and have been keeping my fingers crossed for you and your family. =)

  5. Zoe B says

    On my “To DO” list…. now to find the time. :) I LOVE my silhouette machine… I have the old style original one… looking to upgrade to the cameo sometime. :)

  6. Rani says

    What a great idea!

    I recently started following your blog when Emily at Jones Design Company posted your Rite of Passage video on her website. Now I visit you everyday. You absolutely amaze me with your courage and strength to continue to do the day-to-day stuff while undergoing your treatments. Not to mention, providing everyone out there with great ideas, products, etc.
    You and your family are on my prayer list.

  7. Catherine O'Neal says

    This seriously would take me a week to make. And you make it look so darn easy in the MIDST of all you are going through!!

  8. Stephanie Norris says

    Going to Michael’s tomorrow! My kids need new Easter “baskets” and these will be perfect!

  9. says

    Sometimes I wish I could live inside your mind for a bit — to get these kinds of creative ideas combined with the know-how to make them work. Great, cool, creative project!!

  10. says

    I was just at Michaels yesterday and saw those wooden crates – thinking hmmm…what could I do with them. LOVE this idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Ashley says

      Just two family sized tea bats Shannel! But I let them over steep so the color was really strong.

  11. says

    thanks for the discount code.
    do you buy your supplies thru sillhouette or can you find them cheaper. I’ve always wanted one of these and with $80 off, I’m going to take advantage of it!!

  12. Sydney says

    This is so great. I have mine stenciled now and will be applying the vinegar solution later this afternoon. I wondered if you put a finishing spray on it or left it after it cured with the vinegar solution?

    Have a wonderful Easter Ashley! :)

  13. Emily M. says

    LOVE this!!! I made these for my girls last night! It was super easy and I love the way they turned out:)
    Keep the Silhouette tutorials coming:)

  14. Amanda says

    I just painted the same crate white and am planning on sanding the edges and wearing it down a bit. Would I still be able to achieve the same chemical reaction on the sanded corners?


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