DIY Glitter TOMS

DIY Glitter TOMS via

I recently refurbished my TOMS with spraypaint…..and now it was time to redo Boo’s pair. They had a few holes in the toes:

Redo Old TOMS via

She wanted a pair of glitter TOMS so I used Mod Podge and super fine Jones Tones metallic glitter to cover them. The super fine glitter is almost like a dust and applies easily without any clumping. (my source for Jones Tones Glitter: Dharma Trading)

Redo Old TOMS with Super Fine Glitter via

I mixed together 3 parts Mod Podge to 1 part super fine glitter. I also added 1/2 part water.

Glitter Glue Recipe via

The water dilutes the Mod Podge so you can apply more coats of glitter without the shoes becoming too stiff:

Glitter Glue Recipe 2 via

The fine glitter mixture goes on super easy. The Mod Podge seals any holes. If the holes are really big try cutting a small swatch of thin fabric to cover the hole and glue it in place with Mod Podge. Then cover it with a glitter layer.

Paint Layer of Glitter on TOMS via

I applied about 2 coats and let them dry for a few hours.

Paint Layer of Glitter on TOMS and dry via

To clean up the soles of the TOMS I used a Magic Eraser. It looks like new!

Revamp TOMS soles with Magic Eraser via #toms

The finished glitter TOMS. Perfect for back-to-school:

Revamp TOMS soles with Magic Eraser via #toms

They’ll be just a little stiffer than the original pair but add in some baby powder to help get them on and they’ll stretch right back out the first time you wear them:

DIY Glittery TOMS via #toms


Not into glitter? Click the image below to check out the spraypainting I did to my own pair:

DIY Spraypainted TOMS via #TOMS



  1. Allison says

    Um, I love you. This is AWESOME! I wanted glitter Toms, but have no need to give up the hot pink Toms I wear already! Now I can repurpose those! Woo hoo!

  2. Sarah says

    Oh, I love these! I bet your glitter sticks better than the real glitter ones Toms makes. My daughter’s pair looks pretty sad now. Maybe I could refresh those this way too. Thanks for the how-to.

  3. Micalah Thayer says

    Does the glitter/mod podge crack at all? I used glitter and mod podge to make my kiddos ked’s into glitter saddle shoes and they were super cute for a week or two, but then it started cracking. I didn’t water the mod podge down at all so maybe it was just too thick?

  4. Chrysytna says

    Um… Mac will want these, but I NEED them! Like for real… NEED them. I have just the pair to use for this at home also 😉

  5. Let it be. says

    Those look great! I have to ask though, does it TOTALLY irritate anyone else that Toms are so expensive, and wear like garbage. I have a “thing” for really good shoes, even for the kiddos, and don’t mind paying extra for good quality. These are terrible, but I have a nine-year-old girl who just “has to have them”. Ugh!

    • Scotti says

      agreed! They get super stinky and look pretty worn after just a few months :( If they aren’t glittery they will go through the washing machine and look much better.

    • Karah says

      I’ve had mine for over a year and wear them hard and they’re still in good condition, yea they stink but what do you expect with shoes you don’t wear socks in?? Also, I don’t mind paying a little extra because it’s like buying a pair of shoes for me AND a child’s 1st pair of shoes.

  6. Kerry says

    those look FAB!
    I think my daughter’s Toms need a re-do…any ideas on how to make her’s smell better? :)

  7. Heather says

    A friend of mine wore silver glitter Toms for her wedding. After I saw the pics (I was unable to attend), I knew I wanted some… I just don’t want to pay the price… But if I ever find a pair, I am totally doing this!!!

  8. Brooke says

    This look like it will stay better then the actual glitter toms! My Almost 2year old has them and they she’s glitter like crazy! You should give this method to the company 😉

  9. Wendy says

    You are so creative. I love Dharma Trading too, thanks for introducing me to them. I made a few neat personalized canvas bags for my four-year-olds teachers and I’m making 12 more this week because they were such a hit. I should take some photos and send them to you. You are so inspirational. I never did arts and crafts until finding your website. Thanks.

  10. Bonnie W says

    Awesome idea! I met a girl with some AMAZING looking Toms…she said after hers wore out, she sewed fabric scraps all over them so they had this radical Bohemian mismatched look to them. Now I can’t decide what I’ll do to mine when I’m tired of the super neon pink I got 😉

  11. Eva Scott says

    Love this idea! My TOMS have little holes right where hers are. I’ve been wanting a glitter pair anyway…hmmmm….

  12. CreativeBusyBee says

    Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 1 post on Aug. 12, 2012. Thanks again.

  13. says

    Great idea!I fit kid’s shoes for a living… Toms are great but they are tricky to fit. In my opinion, the canvas fit much better than the glitter. The traditional canvas toms are best because of the rubber sole (very comfy) and the canvas gives a little. The glitter ones have a tough straw sole, the material is rigid and the glitter falls off very easily. This is the best of both worlds :)

  14. Sunni says

    My “new” glitter toms are drying right now and looking good! I have red canvas ones and I needed some to wear to the football field in a school color… Which is blue and orange. I went with orange. I patched up the toe holes, then mixed fabric medium w/ orange acrylic paint. Then I mixed Martha Stewart glitter in fire opal with modpodge and fabric medium. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  15. Katy says

    Oh. My. Gosh! I was going to buy the blue glitter ones for my wedding reception because I live in my Toms, but they’re light blue and we’re doing cobalt blue. I have a few pairs and my red ones are on their last legs. I’m excited to have the right color and to have them already broken in! Going to try this right now! I’m just hoping the red doesn’t show through the blue.

    • Katy says

      I do want to mention that you should use the “gloss” Mod Podge. I used matte and they’re not at sparkly. I think I’ll do a top layer with gloss. They look awesome! I had to do about 7 coats to cover the red with the blue, but they were worth it!