The Lil Journal Project | Day 10 (Link Up)

When my grandfather died back in 2003, I remember going through some of his things and finding trinket after trinket. I knew that he had kept these things for a reason, and that there was probably great significance behind each piece……but I’d never know.  This weekend, start documenting some of your keepsakes in your journal, and why they are special to you.

And while you’re at it….write your name and phone number in the front cover of your journal….in case you ever lose it.

Below is a page that I made with some jewelry that my aunt gave me. It was my grandmother Marge’s. One of the pieces on the charm bracelet is an antique typewriter eraser… object of the past, right? My grandmother was in secretarial school so that charm must have been to signify that.  One of the charms is also a cigarette lighter……smoking was once cool you know…..

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I sketched them with my left hand so that I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to make them perfect.  If you don’t want to draw or sketch these items, just photocopy them and use that image.


The Lil Journal Project Day 10 via

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  1. says

    Hey Ashley, I linked up with my week 1 journal pages because I do a Journal Tuesday reveal each week. Would love it if you would come by on Tuesday to see my post. This is such fun and I love the prompts. Thanks! Suzy.

  2. Heather says

    This one made me tear up. In exactly 2 weeks from today it will have been 1 year since my grandpa died. When I was 12, he asked me if I liked anklets. Yes, specifically anklets, not any other type of jewelry. He asked this when he came out to celebrate Christmas with us. (We lived in AZ, he and my grandma lived in TX) I told him that I kinda did like them. On Christmas morning he handed me a specially wrapped box that was pretty small. Everyone else had gotten larger gifts from the grandparents (Think cheap alarm clocks that come as freebies when you order a certain number of things from a catalouge). I opened the little box, and inside was a delicate gold anklet (rope chain) with a gold heart shaped charm that had two tiny silver hearts in it. I found out that he did the shopping himself (which he hated doing) and didn’t stop until he found the perfect one. The anklet broke when I was 13, so I put it away so it could get repaired eventually. 4.5 years ago, my family moved back to TX, and I thought the anklet was lost frever, but didn’t think much about it because I now had my grandpa close by. When he died, I searched everywhere for that anklet, and finally found it. I took it to several repair shops around Christmas, but none of them could have it ready in time, and some even said it couldn’t be repaired at all… I came home crying that night and made up my mind to fix it myself! I had to remove several links because my ankle had grown, and I changed the clasp on both ends, but I now wear it as a bracelet. That will be one piece of jewelry that I wear on my wedding day so that a part of my grandpa can be there.

    • says

      What a beautiful memory! I teared as I read it. I have a special piece from my Grandpa too, he passed about 4.5 years ago. I loved reading this. Thank you for sharing :) *hugs*

  3. says

    I absolutely love your journal project. I just found you today and have been reading back through the ideas. I’ve been trying to keep a journal for my family for the past couple years and you’ve given me so many great ideas of things to make sure I include.

  4. Brenda L.W. says

    This touched me because my sons death anniversary was yesterday (three years) and my mom passed away 5 months ago. I have a ring that my son had started to make out of an old coin. My husband finished it after my son passed. Even though it turns green on my finger I still wear it a lot.
    I have some of my parents jewelry but the one that means the most to me is a bracelet that my dad bought for my mom back in 1960 while they were on their honeymoon in Sedona. I can picture them walking around just enjoying their first days as a married couple and thinking about their future together.

    • Julie Edwards McCartney says

      I, have had several rings..turn my finger “green..or grey”..” chemical reaction,per Fd!!..Paint..Clear Fingernail Polish..Inside of the Ring!!..Works!!..I, wash my Hand often! to 6 months!!..Hope, you yo can wear!..such a special Ring!

  5. says

    Thank you Ashley for the memory prompt today. I had a wonderful time sketching and even found my old skate key! I’m still sketching special trinkets from the past. My daughter recently got married, she pinned to her bouquet her grandmother’s cameo and her gold rose pin. That meant so much to both of us as her Mimi (my Mama) would have been so happy to see her “Li’l Weetie” being married (she passed 11 yrs ago).