Ribbon Wrapped Headbands (A Tutorial)

To make a few last minute gifts, I made these pretty ribbon wrapped headbands:


I used plain plastic headbands purchased from Target and soft satin ribbon. You can also order the plastic headbands from The Soda Pop Shop  here. The Aleene’s Tacky Spray (make sure to use an acid free spray) is used to hold the ribbon in place.

I bought these fabulous beaded bows from Target Trim in L.A to embellish the hairbands with. They run about $6 each retail (maybe less if you are wholesale) and come in a variety of colors. You can place an order over the phone to them.


To start wrapping my headbands I sprayed the ends of the plastic band with the tacky spray:


I folded a piece of ribbon over the  bottom of each band end:



Then I spray the entire headband:


Starting at one end, I began carefully wrapping my ribbon around the band:


Once I reached the other side I just tucked the ribbon under and secured it with a little hot glue:


A finished band:



Using hot glue I attached the beaded bows to the top of the hairband:


A great way to make your own headband to match whatever embellishment you want to add to the top!


  1. Renee says

    Love this and glad you are feeling good enough to keep creating! Praying for your healing. I just might have to get some of those beaded bows, too cute!

  2. Maryann says

    Oooooo, this is a Must Do project for my daughter. So nice that it doesn’t look like every other headband out there too! Thanks!

  3. Susan says

    Dear Ashley,
    You are an amazing woman. I think about you quite a lot and say to myself “Choose Joy” quite often during the day. I had my own bout with breast cancer 18 (can it be that long ago?) years ago. Mine was pretty mild compared to what you are facing. I feel that you are going to come through this ok in the end. The journey is going to suck, but I think you will be around to see Boo grow up. I’m thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Jennifer Erwin says

    What a cute idea! I just saw a headband/ribbon kit today at Pottery Barn Kids… This tops theirs.. :-)
    Sending you lots of grace and love..

  5. says

    those bows are adorable, at first i thought you made those too. i have to tell you i bought two of your patterns a few weeks ago and have made 8 dresses, 5 skirts and some leggings for christmas gifts using them. thanks for the great patterns. praying for you and your family, your an inspiration to us all!

  6. Sarah says

    So cute and I love your nail polish! Multicolor glitter nail polish is my new favorite thing. I’m wearing it right now!