Making Mementos and Jewelry With Coins

Making Mementos and Jewelry With Coins Tutorial via

Note: A quick note before I get a gazillion comments….it’s not illegal to alter coins….as long as you never try to spend them again.
I checked with the treasury department. I might be breaking some law with the international coins….so extradite me.

Everywhere I’ve traveled overseas….I’ve kept a coin from that country. I had them in a jar, but I recently took each one and stamped them with the year I traveled there:

Tutorial (Stamped Travel Dates into Coins) via


I also made some charms using coins…..such as the one below from the year Mr. LBB and I were married:

Coin Accessory Tutorial (Stamped Wedding Date into Coin) via


It’s easy to stamp words and numbers into coins.

Basic supplies needed:
Metal Letter Stamps
Metal Number Stamps
Steel Bench Block
Brass Faces Dead Blow Hammer


My full tutorial is here but here’s a quick overview. I used tape to hold my coin into place onto a hard surface.

Metal Stamping 101 via

The tape also provided a guide for stamping:

Using a Steel Bench Block Metal Stamping 101 via

The year I studied in China: 1997

Metal Stamping into a Coin via

I used a regular drill but a drill bit made for drilling through metal. It only took a few seconds:


How to Drill a Hole into a Coin via

The finished hole:

How to Drill a Hole into a Coin via

I attached chunky jump rings and added necklaces or other accessories:

How to Make Coin Jewelry via

An extra large lobster clasp turns the coins into easy charms or even add it to a key ring:

Remember Special Dates using Coins via

A coin from another trip to China:

Travel Coin Souvenir via

A charm bracelet with some coins from overseas trips with my family:

How to Make a Coin Charm Bracelet via

Easy gift ideas for the holidays or to start a collection of memories:

Making Accessories from Coins (coin keyring, coin pendants, coin jewelry) via


Don’t like the idea of putting them on jewelry? Just hang them all on pins like I’ve done with some jewelry in a shadow box:

Using a Shadow Box to Display Jewelry or Coins via


Click the image below for the full tutorial on metal stamping!

How to Stamp Jewelry via


Other ways to display mementos:

Display Your Trip Mementos via
Make a Travel Map Bulletin Board via





  1. Alicia says

    I love this idea! I have a thing about coins, I just love them! I had the idea to make a ring out of a coin from Mexico. My father helped me and we used a copper tube as the ring base. Then he enjoyed it so much he decided to make one out of the new pennies (learned something new, he said pennies are only copper plated now because too many people were trying to cash them in as copper). That also looked amazing! I will send you pictures! I wanted to make my mom a bracelet of all the places she has been and I never thought to stamp the date on them! Thank you so much for this! So excited to get started on it now!

  2. says

    Such a great idea! I have coins from all the countries I’ve been, but they just sit in a jar. It would be so much better to be able to wear them/use them (:

  3. says

    We used to put pennies on the railroad tracks (my daddy’s a third generation railroad man) and let the trains smoosh them. I had so many. I wish I could find a few now to make necklaces.

  4. ira lee says

    i love this idea!! most coins just sit in a box for ever, now you can actually use them!!!

  5. Hal Diamond says

    Hi please can you help?
    I would love to paint coins with enamel and simply make them into necklaces.
    In the UK I cannot find any information on how to do it……

    Are you aware of any books on the subject. It seems like everybody is afraid of people learning how to do it.. I just want to do it as a hobby…

    Any information would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks Hal Diamond in Brighton UK.

  6. says

    Hi Ashley,

    What a cute idea! I just wanted to comment to let you know that both of the coins that you thought were from China are actually Japanese yen! The bronze one is 10 yen, and the silver one is 100 yen. I hope you went to both places in the same years…or, at the least, you’ll have another sweet coin stamping project, soon. 😉