Edited with Love

I have a confession to make…sometimes….when I see someone leaving snark after snark on someone else’s comments just for the heck of it….I just go in and edit them.  I’m the “editor” after all. I reserve the right to spam comments or leave them.

But I always leave them better than I found them.

New and improved.

And I always leave a trace.


How to deal with those meanie trolls: Edit with Love. via Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo


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Email Love: Volume 4

Compilation of snarky emails and comments volume 4 via lilblueboo.com


I always save my favorite emails and comments….especially the ones that made me laugh…..and the hate mail. Here’s some excerpts from both….thanks for the love everyone!
Click here for the whole series.



Random email…..subject: “Unlike”

“For some reason I can’t unlike you I want you off my Facebook …have you created some kind of block..?”
Note to self: figure out how to block people from un-liking my page.



On my Elf on the Shelf series:

“Considering this is a little kids tradition, i think alot of these were so discusting? especially for little kids. , like the peeping tom, the pills in the drink, being high, a camel toe? as if little kids even know what that stuff is! what is this world coming to. you can even do a kids tradition without someone turning into some kind of sick joke.”
I agree….what is the world coming to?! Why would an elf have cameltoe?! And worse….why would some loser photograph it?!




On my faux hawk a few months back:

“I cannot get over how sexy de mohawk lookie.”
I say this almost once a day now “sexy de mohawk lookie”….it just makes me happy.

“love you, but sorry, hate that hairdo!  looks way to lesbianic (to quote jersey shore).  nothing wrong with a short do, but that’s not cute!!”
I do value ALL opinions!  Thank you!

“I know you are not a lesbian but I still think you should submit your look-a-like photo:  http://lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com/”
I don’t get it:





On my Random Acts of Kindness video:

“It is wonderful that your daughter wanted to do this  But the magic dissipated by the filming and posting of this video.  Acts of kindness should be done secretly, without publicity.  I am sorry to see this corruption of such a lovely idea.”
I understand where you are coming from…and it’s wonderful that you wanted to do this too..but I feel like the magic dissipated when you pressed “post comment.”


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Email Love: Volume 3



The third installment of email love. (click here if you missed the first two)

First off, I am sad to say that there have been no offers on the new domains I purchased. Some business opportunities just don’t pan out quite as you expect them to.

And for some reason (I don’t know, maybe because I publish them?) the hate mail has died off a little. Slim pickings recently….but here are a few humorous emails and comments to share:


“I spent the better part of an hour looking for the final version of a pin and still haven’t found it. I understand you can’t control what is pinned, but would it really be troublesome to link to whatever the project was to the finished tutorial instead of “Oh hey, I finished this, if you want to view it go look through all my other craft projects. Because I’m so awesome I craft my toilet paper.” It makes me much less likely to want to view, try, or link anything from you.”
Well, top o’ the morning to you too!
Just a note, would it be too troublesome to leave a valid email address? That way I could actually respond and maybe help you out.
P.S. You’re right, I can’t control what people pin from my site.
P.P.S. I’ve never crafted my toilet paper.


Were you the same girl I used to talk with on ICQ nearly 16 years ago? You had the name Millertime and worked down in Louisiana?  I was a young guy from Chicago and always talked about meeting one day.  I had a dream the other night and I was reliving my past and I could see myself typing to you on ICQ ………………I’m sorry if it all sounds strange but my brain works in odd ways…………if it isn’t you, I apologize.
Sorry, it wasn’t me…..but I’m intrigued. I hope you find her….with the name “Millertime” she has to be awesome.


Not an email just an excerpt from a recent conversation:

Me: So what do you do? (even though I already knew what he did, because, well, he’s well known and has a large Internet presence)
Him: Just Google me when you get home.
Me: Oh yeah? Well just Google ME.
(Yes, I actually had that moment. He was so smug and arrogant….I had a brief moment of insanity and I threw the “Google me” card right back at him.)
And you know what he said?

Him: Well….okay…..I will.


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An Infinite Loop

You all crack me up. I loved all your comments from yesterday on the Email Love post.

A few of my favorites:

Melissa: Ok, If I have to be the first one to be negative, so be it. This is out of control…how do you expect the chickens of the world to be individuals with their OWN needs and desires if they are ALL CALLED LISA???????

Meghan: I love the saying: Dear haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient.

Pamela: I don’t have any chickens, but I will name the next egg I cook after you…. and lisa if it’s a two egg omelet.

And how ironic that everyone is on pins and needles for my inbox to fill up with complaints and insults. That made me laugh out loud a few times.


It annoys me that so many of you get hater mail too.  Just forward them on to me.  It’s like Christmas. Don’t let them get to you…..maybe the person on the other end is just having a really bad day:

How I deal with Haterzzzz via lilblueboo.com


If you get more than one from the same person, then you can start a “cuckoo” folder. I have a few of those. I heart them. They must read my blog several times a day so they are actually being kind of supportive, right?

P.S. I encourage you to take this “How to tell if you are a Troll” quiz over at the Bloggess. (eff word alert) I love her (in kind of a creepy stalker way)…..and her book is hysterical. I could never be an Internet troll…..I’m too lazy….and can never get my comments to post…..because I can never remember my passwords.


P.P.S. And I’m seriously contemplating the next dress being “Beer Delivery Girl”….

How I deal with Haterzzzz via lilblueboo.com

Email Love: Volume 2 Updated



The second installment of email love. (click here if you missed the first one)

I love getting email from everyone…..and especially look forward to these:


I’m sure you’ll just delete this email but I’m concerned about you letting your daughter sell beer. Seriously, what kind of message is this sending?
-Thank you for the concern. Full disclosure: I’ve received several emails on this issue since my last email love installment. Just to clarify, I draw the line when she tries to distribute alcohol to other children.  I love her entrepreneurial spirit….and honestly there’s just more demand for beer than lemonade these days.  She even tries to sell beer to Lisa during office hours:

I guess I should just get everything out in the open right now:
:: Boo has a TV in her room.
:: Boo has a TV in her playroom.
:: Boo watches PG-13 movies.
:: Boo’s only required to take a shower every 3 days.
:: Boo gets a haircut….when I chop off the end of her ponytail.
:: Boo eats popcorn for dinner a few days a week. So do I.
:: When Mr. LBB is out of town, Boo has no bedtime.
:: Boo drives a Bobcat:

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Google Searches

Oh how I love looking through my Google analytics. A few random searches that brought people to Lil Blue Boo in the last 30 days (in italics):


you make fun of me being on Facebook so much when you must be on as much to notice.
Dang, someone is going to get schooled…..

got a booty implant before and after pics.
I think I’ve Googled that before.

ric flair’s stalker.
You can’t stalk Ric Flair.

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Email Love

Hater email version 1 via lilblueboo.comHere are a few excerpts from emails I’ve saved over the last few years of some doozies that pretty much made my day. A few even came from the same email address. Unfortunately my email folder labeled “Crazy People” was lost when my hard drive crashed so I lost the best of the best……so these will have to do.  Names have been removed to protect the innocent. Enjoy!


“It has come to my attention that you have your laptop while on vacation……for you to say you don’t have access to a computer is dishonest.”
Oh really? It’s COME TO YOUR ATTENTION? Caught me….although, at the time I replied, I did happen to be on the beach.

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