Michaels Dream Tree Challenge 2013 | The Reveal

Here’s my 2013 reveal for the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge!

Michaels Dream Tree Challenge 2013 Reveal #christmas #JustAddMichaels via lilblueboo.com

Green, white, champagne, silver:

Michaels Dream Tree Challenge #christmas #JustAddMichaels via lilblueboo.com

I love the glow of the lights behind the flowers:

Christmas Tree Decor: Michaels Dream Tree Challenge Reveal #christmas #JustAddMichaels via lilblueboo.com

The inspiration for the tree came from these silver pine cone ornaments.  They reminded me of the seed bombs that my brother used to launch from our Magnolia tree when my sister and I were little. Funny memory.


Pine Cones and Gold Bows - Michaels Dream Tree Challenge Reveal #christmas #JustAddMichaels via lilblueboo.com

Each ornament was tied onto the tree with a bow:

Gold, Greens and Cream Michaels Dream Tree Challenge Reveal #christmas #JustAddMichaels via lilblueboo.com

A lot of twinkling:

DIY Christmas Tree - Michaels Dream Tree Challenge Reveal #christmas #JustAddMichaels #dreamtreechallenge via lilblueboo.com

Silver berries:

Christmas Tree Ideas - Michaels Dream Tree Challenge Reveal #christmas #JustAddMichaels #dreamtreechallenge via lilblueboo.com

I love the natural look of the whole tree: [Read more…]

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Photos of the Day: Bum Shots and a Wedding Dress

I had my chemo at the Lucy Curci Center today. I love the place….it’s so nice, so close and convenient and I’ll have the same nurses every time I go.

My mother-in-law Gale drove me today and snapped some photos. I felt so great right before the treatment! Even though I know I won’t feel great later tonight and the next few days I look forward to my treatments. Bring it on….at least it’s one step closer to being better. I won’t get my blood results until this evening or tomorrow but I’m praying for a good result!



And then the dreaded butt shot…..they can’t fit it all in one syringe…..so I have to get two (one in each cheek). All I repeat to myself is: at least it’s not Boo, at least it’s not Boo. They can do anything they want to me as long as it’s not Boo that has to go through it….I’m so super thankful it’s me. Thank you God for choosing me.



My weight went down again so Gale bought me some Boost to try this time.  390 calories a bottle! I think if it’s really super cold and I use a bendy straw I’ll be able to get it down. Seriously, is the bendy straw not the greatest invention ever? I don’t even have to burn any calories moving my head to drink the Boost……so it might be the equivalent of 420 calories.


I miss my mom and sister. I wish I could be with my mom today. She just drove home to my parents house in Florida last night…..the first time since my father passed away. I know it was really sad for her because that is where she was when she got the phone call in May. She has so many friends that have been helpful down there and supportive though. Friends showed up to unpack her car and one even came over to set up her computer. So much kindness in people. And so much kindness when no one is even looking. I feel so overwhelmed by kindness recently I just need an outlet. I need to do something!  I can’t take it all in. A friend Alberto sent someone over to clean my car today just because. How selfless is that? I didn’t even think my car was that dirty!

My mother-in-law Kathy is here too for a week to help out. We are lucky to have a huge blended family. She and Boo put up our Christmas decorations today. I don’t see any reason why we can’t have them up for 7 weeks. I’ll start a new trend….decorating in early November……the malls do it, so it must be a sign.  Mr. LBB accidentally threw away the box that we usually lift the tree up with so I used the only other box I had: my wedding dress! It’s the perfect tree prop….and actually makes it useful:


Anyone else putting up decorations early?  If anyone makes fun of you tell them Ashley from Lil Blue Boo says it’s the cool thing to do this year.