Tooth Fairy Pillow | A FREE Printable

Tooth fairy pillow free printable download by Stephanie Corfee via

Here’s a super-simple square pillow project for your little ones losing their choppers. All straight-line sewing + use of either printable fabric for your inkjet or iron-on transfer paper. Adding a little patch pocket on the pillow back makes for the perfect hide-away space for each precious tooth left for the tooth fairy. This is a great project for you to make together with your little one.

Basic directions are included on page 3 of either PDF download you choose.

Just click on the DOWNLOAD graphic below for the right-reading PDF that you can print onto inkjet-compatible fabric. Or click HERE for the REVERSED PDF file that you can print onto iron-on transfer paper instead.

Two colors: tooth fairy pillow free printable download by Stephanie Corfee via

Sweet Dreams!

Summer Love Art | A FREE Printable

Summer Love Art Free Printable for DIY via


Kick off school vacation with a summery coloring page to pass the kids’ now-lazy days. This doodle prints perfectly on a plain letter sized piece of paper. OR, print the mirror image onto soft inkjet transfer paper like this. Then iron it onto a white or light colored tee and let your little one color it in with fabric markers. They will be so proud of their wearable masterpiece! It would also be a great project for a summer birthday or pool party!

Boo tested out the new doodle print recently:

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Glow Stick Lanterns

Boo and I bought some Fourth of July glow sticks and broke into them early. We cut off the ends and dumped the contents in, and shook the jar to coat the sides. (It’s non-toxic.)

An instant glow stick lantern:


Glow Stick Lanterns Tutorial via

We mixed the red, white and blue together and it made a pink/purple-y color. Monday night I think we’ll make separate lanterns for each color!

Update:  I’ve heard from several readers that adding water to the jar helps to keep the glow!  I’ll be doing that next time!

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I "Heart" Tie Dye

I love mixing bright tie-dye fabrics into the clothes I make… when Fave Crafts sent me a Tulip tie-dye kit to review I was psyched! I used two of the packets to make about 4 yards of “heart” tie-dye fabric.

I "Heart" Tie Dye via
I only used 2 colors for this batch: black and teal. It covered A LOT of fabric.

I "Heart" Tie Dye colors balck and teal via
First, I soaked the fabric yardage in hot water with about 1/2 cup of salt (I was out of soda ash). I folded it in half and then in half again so it was 4 layers…..and laid it on a plastic drop cloth.

I "Heart" Tie Dye soak fabric via
Then I traced a “half-heart” template using my disappearing ink pen onto a few of the edges.

I "Heart" Tie Dye trace heart via
I bunched up the fabric following along the line I drew…..

I "Heart" Tie Dye bunch fabric via
…..and secured with a rubber band. I repeated this in several other places.

I "Heart" Tie Dye secure with rubber bands via
I used one-third packet of each dye and mixed with hot water into these 6 oz squirt bottles.

I "Heart" Tie Dye packets of dye via
I covered the heart shapes first…..

I "Heart" Tie Dye cover hearts first via
…..ten randomly covered the rest of the fabric, turning it over and covering the bottom side as well.

I "Heart" Tie Dye randomly cover the rest via
Then I folded up the plastic drop cloth around the fabric and let it sit overnight.

I "Heart" Tie Dye wrap via
Opening it up it has little heart shapes throughout….perfect to cut up into sleeves and skirts for the dresses I like to make! Or just a knit shirt:

I "Heart" Tie Dye done heart shapes via
Holy cow my arm looks long in the above picture…..GO GO GADGET ARM!!

I "Heart" Tie Dye done via
Fave Crafts has an eBook that features 28 free fabric dye craft projects organized by 18 different dye techniques, with step-by-step photo instructions. Click here for the free eBook!