A Sock Bunny (A Tutorial)

How to make a sock bunny. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com

Move over sock monkey! These little sock bunnies are so easy and cute!  All you need is some nice knee high socks and some simple sewing supplies. I sewed mine on a machine but they can be easily hand stitched too!


Sock Bunnies! DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


So cute as a gift or to stuff an Easter basket!


Knee High Sock Bunnies! DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com

Boo will be so excited to see these in her basket:


Easy Knee High Sock Bunnies! DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com

If you are making them for a child under the age of 3, just stitch eyes on instead of using buttons so that there won’t be a choking hazard.


Basket o' Sock Bunnies! DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


I bought these cute knee high socks at Target for $2.50 a piece. They have a large selection of bright vibrant colors.


Sock Bunnies start with socks.  DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 1: Cut the foot of one of the socks right down the middle, but don’t cut all the way to the heel. The heel will become the face of the bunny and you want to leave about an inch before the face:


How to make a sock bunny - Step 1. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 2: Cut the other side of the sock down the middle as shown. These will be the legs of the bunny.


How to make a sock bunny - Step 2. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 3: Cut the foot off the second sock:


How to make a sock bunny - Step 3. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 4: Cut the foot of the second sock down the middle. These will become the arms of the bunny:


How to make a sock bunny - Step 4. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 5: Back to the first sock, hand stitch or use a machine to sew the ears shut:


How to make a sock bunny - Step 5. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 6: Sew the bottom of the feet and insides of the bunny legs as shown…..leaving a 2 inch hole to insert stuffing into:


How to make a sock bunny - Step 6. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 7: Sew the arms shut on one side….but not the ends. Turn the arms right side out.


How to make a sock bunny - Step 7. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 8: Fill the body of the bunny and the arms with stuffing. Sew shut the bottom of the bunny:


How to make a sock bunny - Step 8. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 9: Here is what the bunny should look like right now before sewing the arms on:


How to make a sock bunny - Step 9. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 10: Carefully tuck in the raw ends of each arm and hand stitch it to the sides of the bunny:


How to make a sock bunny - Step 10. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 11: A finished bunny before the face is added!


How to make a sock bunny - Step 11. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 12: Stitch buttons on for the eyes:


How to make a sock bunny - Step 12. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Step 13: Stitch a nose:



How to make a sock bunny - Step 13. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


So many options for the face….and so many expressions you can make!


How to make a sock bunny - Finished Face. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


Soft and snuggly!


How to make sock animals. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com


I love how quirky they look….and that the sewing is minimal thanks to the knee high socks!


How to make sock animals - Basket. DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com

I want to keep them for myself!


Easter Bunny from socks.  DIY Tutorial via lilblueboo.com






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  1. 1

    Omg, I LOVE them!!! I’ll be 36 in may and have no children “yet”, I think I’ll need to make one for myself…

  2. 2

    Um, I love these! I am making a ton of these. And what a quick project! What size sock did you get?

    • 3

      They are the one size fits all knees highs at Target, they are in bins for about 2.50 each!

  3. 4

    Hi Ashley
    They er so nice, your bunny’s. Lovely colors. I am inspiret to do some of my own.

  4. 5

    I love them but I think I would make the heel the butt so a nice fluffy tail could really stick out? I dont’ know. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

  5. 6

    love them, and so perfect. I was spring cleaning yesterday and found a gazillion of funky brand new knee high and calf high socks!

    — dalis

  6. 7

    Super Cute!! What a fun gift-I have a baby shower coming up and I may be making a few of these to go along with the present I already have.

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. 8

    These are adorable! I am always looking for quick & easy soft toys to make for charity. These will fit the bill quite nicely! Thank you Ashley!

  8. 9

    Super super adorable! Thank you:-)

  9. 10

    love love love… just trying to figure out how to add whiskers!?!

  10. 11

    I LOVE these. I am going to try to make some for my little boys’ baskets. Hopefully they won’t destroy them :)

  11. 12

    Super adorable – my son just said he wanted one. :-)

  12. 13

    they look so funny! Love it!

  13. 14

    So fun!

  14. 15

    So easy and so cute! No kids here either but def something I’ll store for later. I’d make one for my dog but he’d destroy it in no time!

  15. 16

    Your creativity amazes me! Thank you for always sharing with us. I will be makin these with my 2 & 4 year old daughters…also got my “Fear Will Not Rule” shirt today! I think the people at MD Anderson liked me wearing it :) Also helped me get good blood results back! MANY blessings & Prayers!

  16. 17

    LOVE this! I really need to make these for my little ones. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. 20
    Beth Morrow says:

    OMGOODNESS these are precious and what my Lil dudes will be getting for Easter…thank you.
    Sorry, I’ve been so busy cleaning and sewing that I have not had a chance to be entertaining, but I have prayed for you.
    Love ya,

  18. 21


  19. 22

    THANK YOU ASHLEY! KNOW i KNOW EXACTLY WHAT i WILL DO WITH SOME VERY BRIGHT KNEE SOCKS i BOUGHT FOR MY SPECIAL NEEDS DAUGHTER. i BOUGHT THEM FROM THE DOLLAR STORE AND THE TOPS ARE TO TIGHT FOR HER BUT WILL MAKE CUTE BUNNIES! DON’T KNOW IF SHE WILL PLAY WITH THEM BUT OH WELL THEN MOMMA WILL JUST HAVE TO PUT THEM IN HER ROOM. lol Opps sorry my laptop keeps messing up the cap lock. I already typed this three times. so please forgive me for not re doing it a forth time. Hugs and Prayers from our house to Yours!

  20. 23

    These little bunnies are so stinkin cute! I would love for you to share them with my readers on Blog Stalking Thursday!


  21. 24
    Léanne :) says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much! What a fantastic idea!! :)

  22. 25

    Hippety hoppity! My little bunnies will be so excited about these!

  23. 26

    These are so cute!!! I’m going to make some but have no idea who to give them to since my youngest turns 21 tomorrow. (Yikes, I’m getting old.)Will have to keep the directions for the grandkids years from now. Thanks for sharing!

  24. 27
    Meghan Grace says:

    Soooo cute! They made me giggle! Excited to hear what Boo thinks!

  25. 28

    Oh my gosh!!!! These are just so cute! Totally going to have to make one!

  26. 29

    Soooo adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  27. 30

    Glad you had a good day. Nice bunnies.

  28. 31

    I swear I’m gonna make these! So stinkin’ adorable.

  29. 32

    So cute! Thank you! I’m going to try these. :)

  30. 33

    What a great idea!!!

  31. 34

    I think Boo would want you to send me the argyle one… Yep, pretty sure! LOL! Thank you for sharing this awesome idea!

  32. 35

    For sure making these! Adorable.

  33. 36

    Soooooooooooo CUTE!!!
    They make me smile :-)))))

  34. 37

    Oh my goodness! These are ADORABLE! I can’t wait to make some!

  35. 38

    Oh I will have to make one for my little girl! This is her first Easter!

  36. 39

    These are perfect for my 9 year old to make for her friend. Great idea!

  37. 40

    SO CUTE!

  38. 41

    Amazing! Picked up 4 pairs of knee high socks at my local Target. The pink argyle is going to my little girl’s Easter basket for sure!! Then, what a great present for birthdays!!! Thanks for sharing.

  39. 42

    Okay, I absolutely love these! They have moved to the top of my sewing project list. Thanks so much for sharing!

  40. 43

    So cute, thank you !

  41. 44

    So cute!

  42. 45
    lucia amelia says:

    amei ficou lindo estes coelhinhos de meias que boa ideia bj

  43. 46

    I have 10 all sewed together and now I am working on putting faces on them…they were so quick and easy to make!! Thank you for sharing!

  44. 47

    I totally love these. I made one yesterday and it was so fun to make. I did add a fluffy tail to the back. These are unique and thank you for sharing how to make them. I wish I had more knee socks they are $3 a pair here :) Again, thanks for sharing this idea. Parents of children should be aware that they contain small parts. (buttons)

    • 48

      How did you add a tail?…I made one, but was thinking about adding a tail too! Thanks for the tutorial Ashley!

  45. 49
    Sonia Maria says:

    Lindos, beautiful. love, gracias, amores…thank you.

  46. 50

    So adorable and doable!=)

  47. 51

    I love this!! Such a great idea and my daughter would absolutely love it! :)

    Also wanted to let you know I featured this on my blog today! Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration.

  48. 52


    thank you so match.Thats sooo sweet.I love it.

    greatings send you Conny

  49. 53

    Saw this as I was looking for a fun hand sewing project for my sewing class at my kids school. They will love this. Thanks.

  50. 54

    Thank you ! so cute! i have made two rabbits; you can see them on my blog! and i will do more!!

  51. 55


    so sweet and I sew two bunnygirls with skirts ;).

    If you want to take a look:


    Thats “Megabunny” and “Honeybunny” ;).


    • 56
      Donna Burkle (ariebellsmimi) says:

      I just looked at your bunnies! They are so sweet! Love the skirts!

  52. 57

    We are so making some of these during spring break!!! So cuuuuute!

  53. 58

    OMG! :O
    I sooo in love with this littel bunnies! Hahaha
    They’re sooooo cute and random and easy to make and unique! ♥____♥
    I’m going to do (or try to xD) one for my littel niece! :D
    Thanks a lot ‘n beautiful blog :)!

  54. 59
    Karoline says:

    Just made one of these with my daughter, who is home from school recovering from ear tubes and adenoids. What a great, quick project, and there was quite a bit for her to help with, as these are so simple. She’s snuggled up with “hopper” right now! Thanks for sharing!

  55. 60

    I was so excited about this. I have no children, so I thought I’d make one for myself. So I run to target, the socks were $1.25 a pair. Awesomeness!!! Anyway, I get home, make it, put it on the counter while I’m making the arms and my 1 1/2 year old golden retriever comes along grabs it and now it’s her armless bunny toy. I think she enjoys it more than her other toys!!! ;)

  56. 61
    Donna Burkle (ariebellsmimi) says:

    I just wanted you to know, I made one of your sock bunnies! It didn’t turn out as cute as yours, but I still love her. I posted pictures on your flickr site. She is quite a bright color! Thank you for the tutorial!


  57. 62

    Love these! My son and I had so much fun going to target and picking out socks to make these. He even helped me stuff it and picked out the eyes. Thanks for the great tutorial. posted a link on my blog!


  58. 63

    I love your bunnies! I want to go to Target right now for knee high socks.

  59. 64
    Beth Morrow says:

    Ok…it’s bunny heaven at my house! I made 7 this weekend and my little 4 yo granddaughter had to have clothes on hers so I took a t shirt sleeve that I had cut off of an old tshirt and sewed it to a piece of elastic the size of the binny’s waist and boom…a skir…t then I made a little shirt out of a piece of scrape that I had used in a skirt I had recently made for this GD…she loved it! But not finished yet…NO…we had to sew some felt under her buttons on one ear and then two totally different sizes and colored buttons for her eyes. She wouldn’t go to sleep until I had finished her bunny so she could make sure the bunny was OK! I love it and I love these bunnies! The possibilities are endless!

  60. 65
    Laura Mottram says:

    I have made ten bunnies, all yellow in preperation for my daughters 3rd birthday party at the end of april, fantastic little party bag gifts

  61. 66

    I love these I am going to have to make these. I made sock bunnies last year for Easter, but they were not so cute. I also made a bunny out of a glove for this Easter, but he is already being loved so I still need something for them to wake up to on Easter!

    Thanks for sharing!

  62. 67

    Oh my goodness! I made a couple of these last weekend and I LOVE them! Super easy! I bought some poms to put on them for tails. I plan on making some more for myself and some more gifts. Such a cute idea. Thanks so much for posting this!

  63. 68

    FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!! Thank you for such a cute softie.

  64. 69

    SO cute!! Going to have to try these!! :)

  65. 70

    This is soo cool, thanks for sharing. I’m going to have to make one for my little girl for Easter. Awesome. :)

  66. 71
    Allison Raddon says:

    I just tried this and instead of stuffing used rice to fill the bunny. Needless to say, he is a little rough around the edges. I said that yours look like something you bought at Gymboree and mine look like something from the Dollar Store! I guess that’s why you have a clothing line and I don’t!! Pretty cute anyway!

  67. 72
    Kristina says:

    My sister showed this to me, and I had to try it! I made a bright pink polka-dot bunny today for my almost three-year-old daughter’s Easter basket. I’m away from home (and my serger) for a few days, so I had to hand-stitch it, but it was easy and fun. I’m going to make a couple more for my niece and eight-year-old daughter, and I’m thinking of different ways to accessorize them using the leftover sock material, and some other scraps. Thanks for the tutorial!

  68. 73

    I made whiskers by threading some embroidery floss from left to right under the nose and then tying it in a small knot and trimmed leaving the ends loose on each side.

  69. 74

    Just made for of these in one night. Super easy and super cute, thanks so much for tutorial. Also with the extra footless sock I made the rice tubes with lavender oil for those not so feel good days to go with it. Would make a cute get well set after easter.

  70. 75

    I love these sweet little bunnies. The stripes are so great. I don’t even have kids and I kinda want to make a dozen of them. Haha. Since they’re so sweet I featured them on my blog today! Come check it out and grab a button if you like. :) http://missloviecreations.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-favorite-things-thursday-on.html

  71. 76

    Thank you SOOO much for this tutorial! I made them for my boys this Easter and they love them. You’re so talented!

    Best wishes to you Ashley. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  72. 77

    Oh my gracious! Cute, fast, cheap, and easy! Glorious! Methinks I will add a few dried beans to stuff the feet, hiney, and hands… Fun!!

  73. 78

    i am in love with this project. without even giving it a second thought, i went to target today an got the socks and made one. so super easy and totally adorable(and cheap)! im excited to experiment with hand sewn vs. machine. hey if i can do this (and im 13) you can do this and you will lov the end project.

    ps. love the possibilities with the buttons super cute! im in love

  74. 79
    Karen C says:

    wuv those scrunched up faces!
    bunny luv!

  75. 80

    FYI- Target just marked a ton of these socks down to .75C each! What great gifts, and you don’t have to spend hardly anything!

  76. 81

    Just made one for my niece’s birthday! She’s been asking for a bunny stuffed animal for awhile so I gave your tutorial a try….thanks for the easy directions! Here’s the link (I gave you the credit!).


  77. 82

    this is sooo cute
    i’m definitely going to make a few bunnies for myself

  78. 83

    These were so much fun to make!! This was our project tonight after my daughter woke up from her nap today. She is almost 5 and LOVES to help. It was a great family project because she was easily able to turn the socks and stuff them. Of course my daughter insisted I make that darn bunny a nightgown – so ours now is wearing clothing:) Thanks so much for the tutorial – can not wait to make more.

  79. 84

    Ive got a christmas fair coming up on our british army base in germany and these will be fab to make and sell, might try source some lavender to add in with the stuffing!

  80. 85

    Wow! I felt in love with this diy! :)
    Cheack out my blog and follow if you want!

  81. 86

    what type of thread did you use for the nose? Looks like embroidery thread?

  82. 88

    Oh these are cute and I think even I could do the sewing!

  83. 89

    thank you for this! I have so many kiddos to get Easter goodies for and this is perfect!

  84. 90

    So cute – I love it! I included this in my spring and Easter round-up. Thanks for the inspiration! :)



  85. 91


  86. 92

    I completely fell in love with your tutorial as soon as I saw it, so I sewed a sock bunny for my son this Easter. He loved it! Thanks so much for the inspiration.


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