Wedding Part VI: The Final Post

Remember all those posts leading up to my sister’s wedding?

Wedding Part I:
Making the ring pillow, starting the flower girl dress
Wedding Part II: My grandfather’s book, my wedding, heirlooms, THE phone call
Wedding Part III: Sewing the rehearsal dresses, engagement photo shoot preview
Wedding Part IV: Finishing the flower girl dress, more engagement photos
Wedding Part V: Handmade jewelry, gift and favor bags, flip-flops and golf tees, fast food

Well, I finally have the photos from my sister’s wedding! Ash Little did an amazing job (check out his commentary on his blog here). The ceremony and reception took place at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, NC where we grew up playing golf, swimming and celebrating every holiday and birthday. My favorite photo from the wedding……Perry swinging Boo around on the dance floor:

Before the Ceremony

Boo getting her hair done at Carmen Carmen. See the ballet dancers from the Nutcracker in the background? They entertained her the whole time!

She won’t even let me brush her hair….but she sat perfectly still to get her “flower girl” look!

Perry’s dress was SO beautiful…..and tiny……I probably could have fit ONE leg in it:

Attaching the veil:

Justin’s sister Jenny clasping the bracelet she made Perry:

Putting on Sienna’s jewelry that Jenny made:

Hide and seek:

Watching all the guests arrive:

Almost time to walk down the aisle!

Meanwhile the guys were getting ready:

Here is Justin’s dad entertaining the groomsmen with one of his card tricks:

Justin and the guys playing pool before the wedding:

The Ceremony

Sienna walked with me down the aisle….carrying pretzels in her basket:

One of my favorite photos:

Instead of walking up the aisle… dad brought Perry from the front and over the putting green (where my sister started golfing at the age of 3). Here he is reaching into his pocket for a golf ball which he rolled across the green… almost went in:

My dad is a member of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews…..and one day wants his ashes walked over the Swilcan Bridge and thrown into the Road Hole Bunker…..bagpipes were required:

The vows:

The Reception

Mr. Lil Blue Boo and Boo sharing a father/daughter dance:

Boo danced the entire night as the center of attention:

Perry and Justin sharing a moment:

If you’ve never met us all….then you might not know that everyone in our family is a ham:

My sister and I are the loudest and craziest:

….and we like to drag everyone into our fun:

My dad started the train:

Perry and my dad surprised everyone by singing Rocky Top:

My brother doing the robot to Rocky Top….he’s quite the comedian:

The Details

Perry, Justin, my mother and Tim Bagwell (the family interior designer) did an amazing job putting everything together. They did everything themselves…..from putting together the centerpieces and flowers, to printing all the paper goods etc.

All the tall centerpieces were made using branches spray painted gold. Tea lights and flowers were added.

The “sweet” table: Perry spray painted different hat boxes she picked up at discount stores a robin’s egg blue and collected jars and bowls of different heights and styles.

Favor bags for the cookies and candy….decorated with the wedding logo (Emily Ley Paper designed the wedding monogram and my sister used it to print up all her labels, programs, etc):

The End of the Night

Telling my sister what to expect on her wedding night….LOL!!!

And they live happily ever after!

Jersey Skirt

I love this soccer jersey skirt! A customer sent me a bag of knits that included her daughter’s old soccer jerseys and asked me to do something with them…..I thought this would be the cutest outcome. Now “Ava” has a unique personalized skirt! The jersey is perfect for twirling and will be great for the summer heat. I can’t wait until Boo is old enough for sports now!

I’m still trying to finish up my LBB twirl skirt pattern (as seen above)….hopefully it will be done in the next week or so! Thanks for being patient with me!

Also, the judges are still going through the 154 entries to the Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge! The entries are all so creative and fun to look at……I think the judges have the hardest job ever!

Alice In Wonderland

Have you seen the previews for Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland movie? It looks amazing. I love Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. I have this beautiful Alice in Wonderland import fabric that I got from This and That from Japan (Lisa actually has a few versions you should check out)…and used it to make this skirt and shirt set:

I used reverse applique for the skirt (see tutorial here). I drew images (heart and teapot) similar to the ones on the fabric onto interfacing and then ironed it onto the wrong side of the fabric:

Before sewing the skirt together I pinned the applique to the backside of the skirt and stitched around the edges:

The best part of reverse applique is cutting out the final image:

A funky Alice in Wonderland-inspired twirl skirt (pattern to be out soon):

To make a set, I took a plain white tee and screen printed a magenta crown the front and added a spade shaped reverse applique:

The finished shirt with rhinestones attached:

Another Alice-inspired dress….using a Disney Cheshire Cat shirt:

With one of the sleeves made from a teapot print:

Seen anything cool lately that is Alice-inspired?

Princess Preference

I spent the weekend sewing up custom orders for my Cinderella-inspired dress (which I started offering after making Boo’s for her birthday) ….although each one ended up taking a different direction depending on the princesses’ preferences! I was happy to accommodate……I love all the unique variations!

The first one started with just a birthday number on the front……

….then “Bippity Boppity Boo” was added……

……with some bling:

Another princess decided she wanted a frog prince instead….

…..and a tiny princess crown on the back with a rhinestone initial “S”.

And one princess decided on just a simple princess crown on the front:

They all turned out so cute….I couldn’t pick a favorite.

(Note: there is a waiting list for the dresses….but you can shoot me an email if you would like to be added!)

Sienna is still wearing her dress every other day and sleeping in it as well….good thing it is made of t-shirt material!

I played with some other screen prints this weekend. One set became a super hero outfit….complete with “modesty” shorts/bloomers (so the boys can’t see up the hero’s dress when she is flying through the air kicking butt!)

The back reads:

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Working on some new tutorials that will hopefully be up this week!

Saturday Gallery Share

I love this sign that Julie from Joy’s Hope made using the subway art tutorial! What a cool and unique idea for a photo prop. The awesome photo is by Drew from Drew B Photography.

Photo from DrewBPhotography

A surprise I got in the mail from Jessica from Happy Together: soda cozy, pin cushion and handmade card. She offers the Sweetheart Pin Cushion tutorial on her blog!

I love plaid! Here’s a little outfit Cynthia from Belle Bebe Co made using the Sienna Dress pattern! Wow….check out her fabulous kiddie couture!

Thanks gals for sharing! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

The World Traveler: Vintage Travel Patches (Tutorial)

I’ve was blessed as a young girl to be able to travel with my family, though I always felt like we could have been in a National Lampoon movie with all our adventures. Most of our trips revolved around golf courses with my dad and sister’s golf. One of my most vivid memories growing up is my brother saying “what a tourist trap” about every place we went. We all loved the “tourist traps” though and I would collect little things from each place for my art journals. My one regret: the Loch Ness Monster Visitor Center in Scotland. Picture this: my sad, longing face pressed against the car window as my dad sped straight through the town of Loch Ness because he and my sister were late for a tee time (I was 20 years old).

Anyways, in the spirit of the world traveler, I made patches to resemble those vintage luggage stickers that covered suitcases long ago……

…..and covered this little “Tourist Trap” dress in them. My favorite part of the dress is the “touristy” knit print for the skirt…..Clark Griswold would be proud!

I can’t get enough of these clipart book/CD sets. The one I used for this project is “Old-Time Label Art” and it is full of vintage travel labels, crate labels, etc…..all high resolution and royalty-free:

First, I printed out the images on transfer paper. (I’ve said it before, but I am now officially hooked on Dharma Trading’s Super Soft Transfer Paper.) Just make sure to print your images in reverse! Note: the fine lines you see in the bottom images are from my dying ink-jet printer….RIP printer.

Then I ironed the images onto a plain white knit. Note: The secret to the transfer process is ironing on a hard surface….using all of your body weight (i.e. don’t use an ironing board!)

I cut out each image and used fusible web to create an “iron-on” patch (you can actually IRON on top of this brand of transfer paper!).

I stitched around each patch to secure to the dress.

Before sewing the dress together I washed all the pieces again to lightly fray the edges of the patches to give them more of a vintage feel.

The main part of the dress was a travel shirt that read “Havana Cuba.”

Patches from all over the world!

Even one that reads “See America First”……which we plan to do as a family this summer in the west!

LBB & Dharma Trading Design Challenge: The Gallery

Lil Blue Boo, Dharma Trading and the distinguished judging panel (Shari, Dana, Disney, Candace and Rae) have been waiting in great anticipation for 6 long weeks for your entries! And here they are below…..all 151 of them! Before the judging starts I want to leave the gallery up for a few days just to make sure I didn’t leave anyone out or mix up any entries!

Click the collage below to view the entire gallery (and make sure to notice the descriptions below to photos….there are links to the blog posts describing each creative process!)

I was SO excited with each and every entry received. I am so impressed at everyone’s creativity and I am SO glad that I am not a judge because I just don’t think I could narrow these down! Thanks to everyone who participated! I know you all have been waiting in anticipation as well! The slideshow below is just a snapshot of the fantastic entries:

Judging will start next week to narrow all the entries down to just TEN for the final week of voting!

To read the initial challenge and to refresh your memory on the fabulous prizes click below:

Note: If you are competitor and you think I’ve left out something or labeled something incorrectly please email me and I’ll get it fixed right away!

Spring Preview: The Racer Back

Boo tried out the new spring style for my Lil Blue Boo Etsy shop….the racer back upcycled knit dress. The best part…..she can actually put it on by herself by stepping into it.





Generous sizing and comfy fit as always….they can be layered over long sleeves and leggings when the weather is cooler. Stay tuned to my shop as I start adding them over the next few weeks! If you don’t see anything in the shop that means they sold out and you’ll have to look for them the next day. Check my past sales to see what I’ve been making!

Animal Sock "Pom-Poms": A Tutorial

I love these little socks that I pick up at our local street fair in Palm Desert. They are from Japan and I adore the Japanese writing on them! They come with ducks, pandas, pigs, rabbits and other animals and each one is just adorable.

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
Boo loves to mix and match the animals:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
You can easily make a similar simplified version using some felt and thread. I started with these simple shapes for a pig:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
First I stitched the light pink pig head to the dark pink background (will become the pig’s body):

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
Then I stitched the light colored snout piece into place with contrasting thread for the nostrils:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
I used the same thread to add some contrast to the ears:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
I added eyes using black thread:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
Then I trimmed the large dark pink felt piece down into a smaller oval shape for the body……

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
………and cut an identical piece for the back:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
I place the two oval pieces right sides together and began stitching them together at the outside. As I stitched towards the bottom I placed a small dark pink ovals halfway in to make a foot:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
I stitched a few times around the foot to secure it in place:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
Continuing to stitch along the bottom….until it was time to insert the other foot:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
I stitched all the way around to the other side of the pig, leaving an opening at the top. I turned the pig right side out and inserted a small amount of stuffing:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
Pinching the opening shut….here is what my little pig looked like at this point:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
I carefully folded the front top edge over the back edge and stitched it shut:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
I used some light pink DMC thread to add a little tail at the top:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
Finally I stitched the pig to the back of a sock:

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
A finished animal “pom-pom” for your sock!

How to make animal pom socks diy tutorial via
These would be great a great way to re-purpose your mismatching socks!

Saturday LBB Gallery Share – LBB Dresses!

Oh my word. Sometimes pictures are just too cute for words. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning to post these. These girls are so gorgeous they will take your breath away! I’ve been super busy making dresses and completing custom orders lately for my Lil Blue Boo clothing line. Here are just a few:

Check out Lisa’s (ElleBows) so-stinkin-cute-spitfire daughter Elle in her new “Geek is the New Chic” dress:

Heather (Angel Face Designs) sent me photos of her daughter wearing a custom dress I made for her. Leila’s daddy is a firefighter….so how special is this dress made from one of his tees!

I used the emblem from the shirt to make a small patch on the back of the shirt where there was some wear. I like to use EVERY part of the interesting shirt parts!

I love Melissa’s (The Larson Lingo) photos of her beautiful daughter Kate wearing her LBB frog prince dress!

And now for some reader’s creations!

Lisa (Beyond the Barn) made this fantastic princess pirate shirt using my pirate applique download. I LOVE the black, red and white!

Natasha (Samster Mommy) made this fleece hoodie dress for her daughter using my Recycled T-Shirt Hoodie pattern! I thought it was so cute on her adorable daughter…and wanted to pass along her idea to use fleece instead of t-shirt material for those who live in colder climates!

Thanks so much gals for letting me share your beautiful photos! Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s weekend!


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