Handmade Hair Bands and Gift Tags (Tutorial and Free Download)

Boo and I are making stocking stuffers today. We’ve made these hairbands before but today we added a cute little wood gift tag.



I picked up the printed foldover elastic from Target Trim in L.A. If you can’t find your own prints locally or online you can call them and they will ship you an order. 2 yards makes about 8 hair bands.


The elastic hair bands are easy enough to make. I cut each piece of elastic to be 8.5″ inches and then just fold it in half and knot the end:



I made a whole lot for stocking stuffers!


To make the handmade tag I made a template and did a Citra Solv transfer onto precut wood disks from the craft store. Click here for my full Citra Solv transfer tutorial.


I drilled holes in the wood disks (drill before doing your transfer in case you have to sand it or the disk breaks):



Once the transfer was done I strung a group of hair bands onto a metal key chain:


Use a lighter or a candle on the ends of the bands to keep them from fraying! Easy stocking stuffers!


Click to download the template I used for 1.5″ wood disks:




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  1. 2

    Another great idea! Thank you Ashley and Boo!

  2. 3

    Thanks Ashley, Cheap and quick just the way I like it:D)). This will be great for the preschool gift exchange. Happy Holidays.

  3. 4

    I love it!!! I tried to do this one other time and used my laser printer but the image would not come off? Is the transfer just on paper or transfer paper?
    Thank you Thank you!!! Love everything you do….

  4. 5

    what a great idea for my nieces – would also make adorable party favors at a spa party

  5. 6

    so adorable and adds way more spunk to the hair than the regular old pony tail holders! thanks for tip!

  6. 7

    Hi! I´m thrilled with all the thing you do with this “magic” Citra Solv. Do you know how could I bought it, there is no that thing here where I live, that is Croatia, Europe.

    • 8

      Hi Lucija,
      I’ve had the same problem (I live in Germany) until I found the British shop Ecohip.co.uk – they have Citra Solv and send it within Europe, so you might order it there. I got mine last week, and I’m still experimenting. It’s fun!

  7. 10

    Thanks Ashley for this quick and super easy idea. Wonder if Mary Jo’s will have printed elastic? Guess I will call before I make the trip. :) BTW you are in my thoughts every day. Hope you and your family had a beautiful Thanksgiving.


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