Summer Learning

It only takes 66 days to form a new habit, so summer is the perfect time to be forming good learning routines. A great resource for summer learning ideas, tips and tricks is Mom Minded, a new blog from Sylvan Learning. As a part of their 66 Days of Summer Learning I am sharing my ideas on how to keep the summer educational but still fun.

Remember Boo’s summer learning book last summer? I’ve been continuing it this year to keep her motivated throughout the summer.  I made a daily checklist and instead of nagging her to do all of her chores I just ask her to make sure she checks off her boxes:

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I tried to think of a goal for the summer that would help her in school. She goes to a Christian school so learning the books of the bible seemed perfect. I broke it down so she could learn about 5 or 6 books a week:



But she wanted more so she could just learn them a little faster so I ended up putting them all up. I repeat them in a fun way and she pretty much picks it up by hearing:

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I have different worksheet activity books that I tear pages out of a week in advance so that she has 2 or 3 worksheets each day of review from Kindergarten.  I’ve found some great books at the 99 cent store and Costco.  Boo’s teacher also gave me some outdated ones.  Ask your friends too who have older kids….they might have books that have half the pages unfinished.  I hand all mine down to younger children because we never finish every single book.

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Each set of worksheets has a cover page by day:

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All the worksheets are sorted a week in advance so she can work ahead if she wants (Boo loves worksheets):


Each week I add something random that we can work on together….like learning table manners and how to set a table properly.

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Is there anyone that loves memorization?  Yeah, not me.  As part of Boo’s weekly homework she has to memorize a bible verse and a short poem….every week. That’s a lot of memorization so I’ve had to come up with some creative ways to make it easy and fun.

Our favorite? the shower method. I write what she has to memorize on cards and tape them on the outside of the shower door at the beginning of the week.  She reads it when she’s taking a bath.  It becomes a game because I take away a word or two at a time and she has to see if she can fill in what’s missing. By the time all the words are gone at the end of the week she knows it backwards and forwards. If she ever forgets a word she can usually visualize the card and remember it.

Ideas for Fun Memorization (including Pi) via


Other ways we memorize things:

iPad/iPhone Recording:

Boo had to learn all 50 states and capitals earlier this year using the Animaniacs song.  We recorded the song in 4 parts onto my iphone and the iPad and played it every single night.  Just by listening to it over and over….we all learned it.  I finally learned all the capitals…..after 35 years. We also carried around these fun flashcards by Pen and Paint for down time in restaurants and waiting rooms:

Learning the States and Capitals Flashcards by Pen and Paint via #teaching #states #learning #teachers


Word Scramble: [Read more…]

The Gift of Art (DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download)


The Gift of Art (DIY Art Box and Free Artwork Download by Stephanie Corfee) via #gift #christmas #diy #printable

So I was thinking about what I would have loved to get as a gift as a kid…..and this art box is definitely something I would have been overjoyed about.  Actually, I’m STILL overjoyed when I get art supplies! I have no self control when it comes to browsing the arts and crafts store…..sometimes I get lost in there for hours (as well as the hardware store). So here’s how I assembled these kits and where I purchased everything from. You can always buy the “ready made” art kits at the store….but the custom filled art box will always be 1000% more fun! Oh, and the awesome artwork? Stephanie Corfee created it….just for you…..because she’s awesome like that!

Here’s the front view of one example: [Read more…]

Printable USA Map and State Capital Flashcards

Boo has to learn where the states are this year. My first reaction? Oh no….that means I have to learn them too. I was never that great at geography. I wanted a fun and unique way to help her learn them, as well as the capitals, and worked with Lindsay from Pen and Paint to come up with these fun illustrated printable flashcards:

Learning the States and Capitals Flashcards by Pen and Paint via #teaching #states #learning #teachers


Lindsay even made a printable map to accompany the flashcards to help learn the location of each state:

DIY States and Capitals Flashcards by Pen and Paint via #teaching #states #learning #teachers


They are easy to make and I love that I can throw them in my purse and take in the car and to restaurants: [Read more…]